Tanares Adventures
+ Arena: the Contest 1.5

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Unpainted "All-in" for returning backers

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This is the "Bundle" + all add-on rewards offered during this Kickstarter. This DOES NOT include the Medusa, or PAINTED add-ons / Upgrades.

  • Tanares Adventures
  • Madness Box
  • Dragon Collection
  • 1000+ Sleeves
  • Four Game Board Scenarios 2 (Tanares Adventures' Kickstarter)
  • All Stretch Goals

* Everything except Tanares Adventures and Madness Box available for first-wave shipping.
* Arena: the Contest's Core Box required to play Tanares Adventures (available in the Extras Section).

Tanares Adventures

Get more than 100 Villains and dozens of gorgeous miniatures, including Heroes from a new Combat Role, to play a new Epic Campaign with 100+ hours of co-op content.

Dragon Collection

The Dragon Collection comes with five masterfully-sculpted Dragons that will appear in several Dragori games, including Arena: the Contest.

Unlock the Dragon v Dragon Game Mode, the "Queen of Dragons" Special Hero/Boss, and more!

Read more about the Dragon Collection in this Kickstarter Update.

Madness Box

Comes with the following Boss miniatures:

  • Titan
  • Augur
  • Knight of the Undead
  • Lich
  • Arachne
  • Chimera
  • Demon

(This box is automatically included in all pledges involving Tanares Adventures)

Four Game Board Scenarios 2 (Tanares Adventures' Kickstarter)

Two double-sided, high-quality, thick game boards with pre-painted scenarios that increase the quality of your immersion and accelerates your set-up time.

Includes the following scenarios:

  • Frozen grounds (empty, fully-customizable battlegrid, optimal to play "In the Realms of Madness" campaign in Tanares Adventures);
  • Temple (PvP scenario - Can be partially enhanced/customized with Tiles);
  • Arachne's Lair (community-voted Co-op battlefield inspired in one of the Bosses unlocked via Stretch Goals);
  • Tavern+City Brawl (pre-painted scenario for PvP matches).

(These are not required to play Arena: the Contest, Tanares Adventures, nor either of its game modes).

1000+ Sleeves

Enough sleeves for every single card Dragori Games has made. This includes the 17x12cm custom-size Hero/Bosspads, as well as the mini-euros and poker-sized cards that come in Arena: the Contest, Tanares Adventures, and their current expansions, with 5% extra spare sleeves.

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