SSO: The Rage of Montalbano
1-6 Players, Sci-Fi Narrative Survival Horror.

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Entry Level
SSO base set including the Rage of Montalbano Deluxe Expansion.
SSO: Rage of Montalbano

This is an expansion, not a full game, it requires the base game of SSO to play.

Upgrade your SSO playing experience with improved components and an extended rulebook.

Passed over for promotion and desperate for revenge, the murderous and ruthless Montalbano has weaponized the Omega's sister ship and is on the attack.

The deluxe expansion SSO: Rage of Montalbano including 15 custom meeples, 6 dual dials, 13 plastic rank tokens, 24 challenge cards, 6 mission cards, 1 achievements card, 1 crew card, 1 location card, the extended rulebook and expanded box.

SSO - Base Set

The Omega's AI has the ability to consider all crew expendable if it decides they are detrimental to the mission.  It decided.  Your sacrifice is appreciated.

The original pocket sized SSO experience containing 13 double sided location cards, 1 double sized double sided location card, 12 crew cards, 24 challenge deck cards, 6 mission cards, 12 activation cards, 1 oxygen count card, 56 punchboard counters and the original slimline rulebook.

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