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Rococo: Deluxe Edition & New Gryphon Bookshelf Series Games - Gangster's Dilemma, Stolen Paintings, Fleet: The Dice Game - 2nd Edition, and Fleet: The Dice Game - Dicey Waters Expansion!

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Rococo: Deluxe+ Edition - All-In Bundle

Everything available for Rococo: Deluxe+ Edition (msrp $148) PLUS fifty (50) metal, Baroque-style coins in 4 denominations, colors and sizes.


  • Rococo: Deluxe+ Edition PLUS
  • Fifty (50) metal, Baroque-style coins in 4 denominations, colors and sizes

Available in English, French, or German versions with boxes, rulebooks and player aids in each of these languages.

Additional language editions are available from International Partners, see the 'Additional International Versions' section for details.

Rococo: Deluxe Edition

Rococo: Deluxe Edition (msrp $110) contains the previously released Jewelry Box expansion, the Festivity Dress expansion, and the Fancy Dresses promo, as well as a new "Madame du Barry" solo mode expansion.

Rococo: Deluxe Edition Metal Coins

50 metal Livre coins (msrp $20)

  • 20 Value-1 (18mm in diameter), 10 Value-5 (20mm in diameter), 10 Value-10 (22mm in diameter), and 10 Value-20 (24mm in diameter)
Expert Tailors Expansion, Queen Figurine, and Alternate Garment Tiles


  • The Expert Tailors Expansion
  • Queen Figurine
  • 32 Alternate Garment Tiles for Festivity Dresses
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