VR Balance for Oculus Quest
The Quest to Make the Quest Comfortable has Ended

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NEW VR BALANCE 1.5 Counterweight for Oculus Quest


Finally get the Oculus Quest balanced. Includes one VR Balance for Quest.

  • 1.5 NEW! Extra Padding for inside that can be wiped clean.
  • 1.5 NEW! No need for velcro tape to hold the Counterweight.
  • Weighted much better than a power bank or even helmet counterweights
  • It is two sided so if you want to hide our wonderful logo just flip it around.
  • Compatible with Vive Digital Audio Strap (DAS)

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VR Balance Counterweight for Oculus Quest
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  • Weighted much better than a power bank or even helmet counterweights
  • Makes it easy to share with minimal adjustments needed.
  • No more "vr face". You do not need to tighten too hard to your face. Great if you wear glasses.
  • It is so well integrated you don't have to take it off. The Quest will still fit most cases (all I tried) and you can lay down and never feel the custom cut steel weights.
  • I have played for hours at a time and tested for 3 months and feel it is the best accessory (besides an awesome link cable). 
  • You can attach your own battery power bank (Velcro included) for longer sessions but I still recommend alternate placement like armbands and belts for battery placement to remove the additional weight. 
  • Works with most other comfort mods EVEN the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap.
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