maskirei: The Smallest Face Mask Sterilizer and Dryer

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Maskirei L Size Cover

Maskirei L Size Cover

*It does not include Maskirei main unit.

【Partial Shipping】Maskirei cover ( L size ) *Estimated Delivery: November 2020

This product is still in a molding phase, so the estimated delivery time is in November 2020.

Please note that this is for the partial shipping, so we will ship the maskirei and other products first. After we have completed the maskirei L size cover, we will ship you the cover.

If you would like to get the original maskirei and the L size cover at the same time (but later), please select "【Combined Shipping】".

The cover allows us to fit bigger masks.

Inside dementions: 114-121mm x 103mm x 29mm

Outside Demensions: 118-125mm x 105mm x 34mm

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