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Only available to verified FLGS. This pledge is a down payment on your order (minimum 4 copies), which will be processed after the campaign. You will have access to the after campaign pledge manager and your pledged amount will apply as a credit to your final order. Final order amount will be determined at time of payment. See information below for more information and to contact us.*Contact us for more details*

Only available to verified FLGS. This pledge is a down payment on your order (minimum 4 copies).

You will not be required to pay for your order when you finalize in CrowdOx. You may pay for you order (minus the deposit pledged) with credit card when the games are being delivered to our fulfillment warehouse or you may pay using wire transfer after the game have arrived at our fulfillment warehouse.

You may add any combination of products to your order, but your order must contain at least 4 copies of the Core Game. This can be Senator and/or Emperor. Please try to keep your order of each configuration in even numbers of each. We will be including at NO charge to you 1 First Player Metal Statue with each copy of the game you order. You should NOT add these to your order, unless you want more than the number of games ordered.


2 Senator and 2 Emperor

2 Senator and 6 Emperor

8 Senator and 2 Emperor

All other products may be added in any amount desired. Note that we are unable to offer a discount on the Playmat.

Please refer to the Retail Pledge Terms Document for any additional information.

Note that anyone found to not be a FLGS will have their pledge cancelled.

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