First Person Shooter
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The Cate Archer (Exec. Producer Credit)

Get an Executive Producer credit on IMDB, poster, and in the movie credits. Plus, receive two tickets to our premiere and enjoy a screening of the film with our crew and special guests (travel and accommodation not included). Also includes access to an exclusive top backers Discord channel, where you can chat to the production team, and a Top Supporter Title on our Discord backer's community.

2 Tickets to Premiere

Travel expenses not included

Access to top backers Discord channel (with production team)
Big Box for First Person Shooter
Blu-ray or DVD of the Documentary (choose after campaign ends)
Classic Mouse Mat feat. Dave Merrell's stunning artwork
Digital Copy of First Person Shooter
Executive Producer Credit in movie credits
Executive Producer Credit on IMDB
Executive Producer Credit on poster
FPS Documentary Stickers
Free Copy of E1M1 Magazine (Digital)

Digital only

Name in Credits (your own or another's)
Official FPS Documentary Movie Poster (Poster 1 - A2, Portrait)
Official Soundtrack by New Retro Wave (digital)
Online Community Access
Poster Design by Dave Merrell (Poster 2 - A2, Portrait)
Poster Design by Rachid Lotf (Poster 3 - A2, Portrait)
T-Shirt (choice of six designs, sizes S-3XL)
Top Supporter Title on our Discord backer's community
Virtual Premiere (Watch Party)
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