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The Doom Marine (Big Box)

This is the big one! This tier comes with classic 'big box' packaging, just like your favorite classic PC games, enabling you to display your purchase with pride. The big box features our stunning art and comes with a t-shirt, mouse mat, digital soundtrack, Blu-ray or DVD, name in credits, community access, 3 awesome posters, and a free copy of E1M1 magazine. It also includes FREE shipping to US (+£10 for International shipping)

Big Box for First Person Shooter
Blu-ray or DVD of the Documentary (choose after campaign ends)
Classic Mouse Mat feat. Dave Merrell's stunning artwork
Digital Copy of First Person Shooter
FPS Documentary Stickers
Free Copy of E1M1 Magazine (Digital)

Digital only

Name in Credits (your own or another's)
Official FPS Documentary Movie Poster (Poster 1 - A2, Portrait)
Official Soundtrack by New Retro Wave (digital)
Online Community Access
Poster Design by Dave Merrell (Poster 2 - A2, Portrait)
Poster Design by Rachid Lotf (Poster 3 - A2, Portrait)
T-Shirt (choice of six designs, sizes S-3XL)
Virtual Premiere (Watch Party)
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