Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game

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Divinity Original Sin: Standard Edition
You will receive a copy of Divinity Original Sin the Board Game as well as any unlocked Stretch Goals.
Divinity Original Sin the Board Game

A copy of the core Divinity Original Sin the Board Game.  Everything you need to experience the Chronicle System paired with the world of Divinity! Embark on your own adventure with a branching story line and multiple unique endings. Not only that, but each copy of this game comes with the ability to impact future seasons of the game, helping to build a Chronicle to enjoy over multiple seasons.

Stretch Goals

These amazing stretch goals include; Origins Story Books, Nightmare Mode, Crafting Expansion, Barrelmancy Expansions, Additional Miniatures, Slane, NPC Decks, Additional Boss Miniatures, The War Chest, The Kraken, The Dungeon Pack and the Clock Upgrade.  Phew... 

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