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Hardcover Short Story Collection
Narrative Expansion 

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Narrative Expansion pack

With this expansion you can immerse yourself  in the world we have created for you. It gives a whole new mechanic and a lot more flavor for the game. If you wish to find out more about how it works. click here

This Add-on contains the following Items:

Illustrated Hardcover Script Book:

  • Colorful Illustrated pictures
  • 315 Scripts for the Base Game
  • 219 Script for Expansions

50 Narrative Cards

Hardcover Short Story Collection

We put together an amazing team of award winning authors to write short stories for our game. They put their heart and soul (and probably all their remaining sanity) into this book. We wanted to go beyond the limitations of a board game and create a comletely new world for our game with its own background and stories. We wanted to pay respect to H.P. Lovecraft and this was the result. To read some samples of the stories, please click here. We really hope you will like it.

This add-on includes a Hardcover book with over 300 pages of professionally written Short Stories.

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