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Undercover Agent Pledge

We would like to offer a very special opportunity for the most dedicated of Investigators: joining one of the most dangerous operations of the Agency and fighting as an undercover agent within the ranks of the Cultists.

You can join this mission by pledging for the special “Undercover Agent Pledge” – but places are limited!

The first 13 brave fighters will have the chance to join the ranks of the undercover agents. We will require mugshots from the participants, to be illustrated by our graphic designers. In this way you can become part of the Cultistorm universe via the 13 undercover Investigator cards. The aim of this pledge is straightforward: we want to allow our fans and backers to support us to a bigger extent via this pledge.

What you get with this pledge:

  • 2x Cultistorm: Collector Package
  • 2x Free Reinforcement Has Arrived Add-on 
  • 1x Free Game Night: Lovecraft Country Add-on 
  • 2x Free 3D Monster Box if it will be available (currently not available)
  • A unique Cultist card with your own portrait ( this will become part of every game not just your copy)
  • Your very own short story in the Script Book
  • Free shipping (1 wave)
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals

For more details see the "Undercover Agent Pledge" section or Update #16. 

2 Cultistorm: Base Games


This is the Base Game of Cultistorm. 
It will be part of the Base Game, Deluxe and Collector Pledge levels.


8 highly detailed miniatures
Main Board (consisting of 5 individual parts)
6 Character Boards (260x125 mm)
264 Cards:

  • 126 Investigator cards
  • 34 Item cards
  • 27 Terror cards
  • 5 Gate Seal Cards
  • 45 Cultist Cards
  • 7 Special Cultist Cards
  • 10 Locations
  • 10 Great Old Ones

6 Cultist Dice (16 mm)
8 Investigator Dice (16 mm)
5 Gate Seal Tokens (50 mm)
5x9 Trophy Tokens (30 mm)
5x2 Target Tokens (30 mm)
5 Shrine Tokens (30 mm)
10 Timing Tokens (30 mm)
25 Insanity Crystals
20 Terror Crystals
5 Reference sheets

It also includes ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS unlocked for this pledge Level!

It also includes the exclusive Promos:

  • Cardboard Dice Tower
  • Mindskimmers & Twin Elders (7 Special Cultist cards +1 Great Old One card)

If you want to have a detailed description of all the elements, with pictures, please visit

2 Cultistorm: Collector Boxes

This is the Collector Box of Cultistorm.
It will be part of the Collector Pledge level.


2 Major expansions:

  • Overlord Expansion
  • Narrative Expansions

Collector Pledge exclusive items:

  • 1x Metal Investigator Badge (aside from the Early bird promotion)
  • 1x Short Story Collection
  • 1x Soundtrack Album by Graham Plowman


If you want to have a detailed description of all the elements, with pictures, please visit

Lovecraft Country : Game Night Expansion

This Add-on includes and innovative expansion, that has been specially designed for board gaming events, game nights and gaming clubs.

With this expansion, up to 30 players can play at 2-6 tables simultaneously. Teams not only face their own challenges, but also affect each other's game while saving the residents of Lovecraft Country. If you want to find out more about it, click here.

It includes:

  • Lovecraft Country ( a huge soft canvas map 841x1189 mm)
  • 48 Special Terror Cards (poker size)
  • 48 Alternative Location Cards (tarot size)
  • 6 Table Marker Tokens (50 mm)
  • 48 Location Tokens (30 mm)
2 Reinforcements have arrived: Investigator Expansion packs

This is an expansion pack for Cultistorm. 4 new investigators join the Agency to help you uncover the dark secrets of the Cultists.  All the characters are completely usable in all versions of the game. To find out more about them, click here.

This Add-on package includes the following:

4x highly detailed  miniature
4x Character Boards
84x Action Cards (21 per Investigator)
8x Target Tokens (2 per Investigator)
+ All game elements of Investigators needed for all expansions

2 Cultistorm: Expansion Boxes

This is the Expansion Box of Cultistorm.
It will be part of the Deluxe and Collector Pledge levels. 


2 major expansions:

  • Campaign Expansion
  • Solo Expansion

9 minor expansions:

  • Otherworlds
  • Ancient Relics
  • Dark Rituals
  • Cultist Events
  • Innocent Victims
  • Otherworldly Diseases
  • Dangerous Puzzle
  • Research Events
  • Rorschach Test

Rulebook for the Expansions

It also includes ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS unlocked for this pledge Level!

If you want to have a detailed description of all the elements, with pictures, please visit

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