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Modern Primitive

Are you down with the Tiki Tribe? You can be with our Modern Primitive puzzle! Join our tribe and make artist Scott Scheidly a happy man. 1,000 pieces. Receive one Modern Primitive puzzle.

Modern Primitive by Scott Scheidly

Scott Scheidly Art title Modern Primitive
IG: @scott_scheidly
Ohio born Scott Scheidly discovered art at age four when he attempted his first art project by devouring a 10 pack of crayons thus turning his diaper into a Jackson Pollack. At age twenty Scott apparently graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and moved to Florida unbeknownst to him. Scott still lives in Florida where he enjoys floundering about and painting pretty pictures. He still eats paste now and again just to remind himself of his roots and how he ended up like this. Someday he hopes not to be famous.

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