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Magic Moon

Stare deeply into the eyes of artist Otto Schade's Magic Moon. Don't stare too deeply though, your soul may be in jeopardy... 1,000 pieces. Receive one Magic Moon puzzle.

Magic Moon by Otto Schade

IG: @Otto_Schade
Otto Schade Art title Magic Moon :
Otto Schade was born in Concepcion, Chile where he earned his degree in Architecture. He started his career as an architect with his own practice and as an urban sculptor before following his passion for surrealism and abstract art by turning his creative skills to oil painting, collage, illustration and eventually free-hand spray paint. Otto developed his orb style for communicating his anti-war theme and his trademark ribbon style that emerges out of his knowledge of the use of space gained from his architectural background which has led to his art being showcased in the US, the UK, Chile, Kenya, China and Japan.

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