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Drowning My Sorrows

Nothing cures the blues like booze and a bath! Drown your sorrows with Gillian Keller's art on our puzzle. 1,000 pieces. Be the first to receive one Drowning My Sorrows puzzle.

Drowning My Sorrows by Gillian Keller-RETAIL

Gillian Keller Art title Drowning My Sorrows
IG: @enlightenmentbarbie
Gillian Keller was born in San Francisco and attended the University of Idaho where she studied painting and mixed media sculpture, and eventually discovering photography. Continually fascinated by capturing thought (something which cannot be captured), her painting, sculpture and film work focused on transitions of emotion together with handwriting. Gillian’s work is a mixture of hand painted images and hand-cut collage using her own photographs of objects, scenery, plants, architecture, and human beings, additionally sourcing material from public domain images, magazine clippings, aluminum foil, glitter, scrapbook papers, duct tape, gold paint, brass tacks, acrylic paints, and dollar store oddities.

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