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Oniric Skull

Sugar Skulls are in kiddos and we got the sweetest of skulls for you. Get down with the Dia De Los Muertos and our Oniric Skull by artist Ciro Oduber. 1,000 pieces. Be the first to receive one Oniric Skull puzzle.

Oniric Skull by Ciro Oduber

Ciro Oduber Art title Oniric Skull
IG: @cirooduber
Ciro Oduber was born in Panama, but has spent most of his life in Barcelona Spain. He worked in finance for 35 years. As the son of artists, he developed his art in silence, teaching himself in various styles. Ciro is now experimenting with new techniques of neuronal type on digital images producing an amazing array of abstractions over digital photography.

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