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Born Corporate

Corporate life is the good life in the world of Born Punk. A nice apartment, a secure job, and hey, who cares about the surveillance bugs in your bedroom, right?

As someone being used to the corporate lifestyle, you deserve nothing but the best - and the best we can offer you is everything a Born Citizen gets, plus:

- a shout-out on 'Radio Peak Bornholm', an in-game radio station bringing the player the latest news and hottest music. 
- Access to ID22's upcoming monthly developer streams, so you can make sure for yourself that your investment is being used wisely.

[Born Punk: Your Personal Game Key]

A digital copy of Born Punk on the platform of your choice. This includes various distributors (Steam,, etc.) on Windows, as well as the stores of all other gaming platforms Born Punk will release on. 

[Born Punk: Soundtrack DLC]

The Born Punk Soundtrack DLC will include all tracks composed by Jeff Kurtenacker, Jeff Miller and Javier Morales, Insert Disk 22's three composers. 

[Born Punk: Concept Art DLC]

This DLC will include all concept art created by both Jean Czarny, our concept artist, as well as background and character art created by our main graphics artist Indrek Plavutski. 

[Your name in the in-game credits]

You can choose a name to appear in credits that appear after the player finished the game. This can be your real name or an alias. Please make sure that if you choose to use an alias, your alias isn't too NSFW. ;)

[Shout-out on 'Radio Peak Bornholm', one of the in-game radio stations]

You will be given a shout-out by the DJ of one of Bornholm's radio stations, 'Radio Bornholm'. You can choose either your real name or an alias. If you choose an alias, please make sure said alias isn't too NSFW.

[Access to monthly Developer Live-Streams]

You will get invitations to our monthly development live-streams, on which we will either showcase new stuff we worked on, talk with you about the game's development in general, or just chit-chat with you.

[Born Punk: ONE additional game key]

We will provide you with an additional game key on the platform you have chosen as your preferred platform. If you would like the key to be delivered on a different platform, please answer this item's question.

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