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Deluxe Escape Bundle

MSRP: £63

Bundle price includes:

  • Assembly base game
  • Glitches Expansion
  • Deluxe 2mm thick neoprene playmat
  • Blue metal die upgrade (in addition to the die included in the base game)
  • Promo Lock Stickers

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Deluxe 18mm metal 12-sided die

This is a BLUE zinc alloy 12-sided die with CREAM numbers that is coloured to match Assembly.
MSRP: £4.75
Note: Photo is not indicative of the final colours.

Deluxe Neoprene Playmat

This is a large 2mm thick playmat (635mm x 635mm) that allows you to organise your table during gameplay. It also looks gorgeous!

Glitches Expansion

A physical copy of the Glitches Expansion.
MSRP: £7

Promo: Lock Stickers

Transparent stickers with a lock on them to add to the back of your Room Module tokens.
Note: The picture is a mockup of the final stickers.

Assembly Base Game

A physical copy of the game shipped to you. This is the base game only.
MSRP: £22

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