XpreSole® Panto - Boots Made From Upcycled Coffee Grounds
Sustainable | Vegan | Lightweight | Waterproof

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These boots are made from coffee! 

We’re reducing greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint by turning used coffee grounds into footwear. 

Introducing XpreSole® Panto, the world's first boots made from coffee.

The XpreSole® Panto is a sustainable lightweight boot that lets you look and feel good, anywhere you go!

Proven to keep your socks dry through 100,000-step. Tested in water.

Machine-wash tested 100 times without any damage.

The fiber features fast-drying and moisture-wicking properties.

So light that they float on water! The boots weigh only 230 grams - 

1/3 of the weight of a pair of traditional boots.

Rubber outsoles offer strong traction against smooth surfaces. 

The drainage channels on the outsole allow water to flow away.

The boots are soft, flexible, and offer durable performance.

Removable and breathable insoles keep feet dry and fresh.

Every pair of XpreSole® Pantos is made from 15 cups of upcycled spent coffee grounds 

and recycled plastics as part of an effort to help protect the environment:

Minimizes spent coffee grounds in landfills 

Minimizes methane gas and CO2 emissions

Minimizes carbon footprint

15 cups of recycled coffee grounds = 1 pair of XpreSole® Panto boots 

In 2021, the XpreSole® Panto won a series of prestigious international design awards, 

including Red Dot's 'Best of the Best', iF Design's Gold Award, and A'Design Silver Award.

Now we're ready to take XpreSole® Panto to sustainability-conscious, design-minded customers around the world.


We are Ccilu (CHEE-Loo), a Japanese footwear brand known for creating technologies focusing on lightweight, stylish, comfortable, and sustainable footwear products. 

Since launching in 2011, Ccilu has been focusing its energies on developing sustainably sourced, ethically-made footwear with the vision of bringing the world’s first carbon-neutral footwear to market by the end of 2021.


Instagram: CCILU ECO SHOES (@ccilu_eco_shoes)

Risks and challenges

We’ve successfully fulfilled three crowdfunding campaigns around the world. We believe that the crowdfunding model is the better way to prevent unnecessary damage to the environment and to provide better prices for our backers at the same time. 

This time, we've spent years perfecting the XpreSole Panto. We are confident that as soon as the campaign ends, we'll be able to go ahead with production immediately. While we will make every effort to ensure prompt delivery, challenges to our delivery process might arise due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

If anything changes, we will keep our backers updated as we work to resolve any issues that may arise. Thank you for your support!

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