Arcane Alley
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Did you miss the campaign? Don't worry! 

Late Pledging

You can late pledge and still get the Deluxe edition (for $35, compared to the Kickstarter reduced $29 price). Any late pledged copies (Standard or Deluxe) will also include the Kickstarter exclusive Spelling Bee item. Select one game copy now—you'll be able to add on more copies if you want when the survey is sent out.

Upgrading a Previous Pledge

If you backed a Standard or Deluxe pledge during the campaign, you'll be able to add on any number of Standard and Deluxe copies to your pledge in the survey. Any Deluxe copies will be at the Kickstarter reduced $29 price, to thank you for helping us fund with your pledge during the campaign. You'll also get the Spelling Bee in your copies, of course.


Once late pledges are closed, you will still be able to preorder the Standard edition (at MSRP of $25). The Deluxe edition and the Spelling Bee will not be available for these preorders.

$19 8 claimed

Arcane Alley, Standard Edition x1

Receive 1 copy of the game with all unlocked stretch goals. 

Pre-Order $19
$35 18 claimed

Arcane Alley, Deluxe Edition x1

Receive 1 copy of the game with all unlocked stretch goals and Deluxe content. This edition and the Deluxe content will not be available for retail.

Pre-Order $35
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