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Archmage: Ascendant

One copy of Archmage: Ascendant, the first expansion for Archmage. Ascendant gives you four new modules to explore on your way to your prophesied destiny. Ascendant adds new fundamental and advanced spells, Prophecies, and Places of Power to explore and control. Requires Archmage base game to play.


1 Game Box
1 Rulebook
6 Places of Power Tiles
6 Places of Power Cards
15 Prophecy Cards
24 Warlord Movement Cards
56 Spell Tokens
51 Gold-Foiled Spell Cards
8 Wooden Enlarge Tokens
40 Translucent Barrier Tokens
1 Wooden Treeman Token

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Archmage Collector's Edition

Archmage is a hybrid of euro-style and thematic board games, featuring exploration, resource gathering and management, area/map control, and a spell system where players shape a tableau of player powers over the course of the game. Archmage is recommended for ages 14+, supports 1-4 players, and lasts 60-120 minutes. The beautiful Collector's Edition includes several component upgrades as well as a 4-fold board.


1 Ruined City tile
42 Location tiles
4 Two-layer player boards
4 Spellbook mantles
4 Wooden Mage pieces
4 Wooden Tower pieces
100 Wooden Follower pieces
24 Wooden Relic cubes
24 Wooden Planet tokens
72 Spell cards
24 Vines/Upheaval Spell tokens
30 Wellspring/Chasm Spell tokens
24 Corruption Spell tokens
48 Ward of Protection tokens
1 Reference sheet
1 Rulebook

Solo Game components:

1 Wooden Warlord piece
1 d6
4 Spell cards
5 Inflame tokens
1 Movement aid

Collector's Edition also includes:

1 4-fold game board
4 Cloth supply bags
1 Gold-foiled slip case
1 Scorepad
1 Wooden Cursed Tower
30 Wooden Spell/Ward tokens


Wooden Mages and Mage Towers are unique
Spell cards have gold foiling

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Ascendant + Base Game

One copy of Archmage: Ascendant and the base game, Archmage Collector's Edition.

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