All Manor of Evil
By John Clowdus

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('cause it's a steal!) This pledge level is the core experience for 1-5 players. This pledge level also includes all stretch goals unlocked during the campaign.
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(Madness Stirs) In addition to everything included in the base game of All Manor of Evil, this pledge increases the player count to 1-6 players. Additional Components: 35 Poker Sized Cards - 4 Action cards for a 6th player - 11 Unique Relics, - 5 New Roles (Concerned Neighbor, Mad Scientist, Mystic, Warlock, Archaeologist), - 15 Monster Cards 3 Double-Sided God cards: - Ghantanothoa - Bokrug - Nyarlathotep 15 Purple acrylic Awakening tokens 30 Black acrylic madness tokens
Pre-Order $29
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