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As the territories expand westward, untold fortune awaits those eager to write their name across the face of history. Some will become legends with a revolver in hand, while others will gamble their way to infamy. Black smoke rises as the locomotive draws near. Out there on the cloudless horizon, a town called Buzzard Gulch is calling you.

Ante Up is not a standalone expansion and requires Western Legends to play. We highly encourage you to contact your favorite local game store to acquire a copy of Western Legends while you wait for Ante Up to arrive!  We understand that in some places and outside the USA in particular the game may not be available in a local game store. 

We have not forgotten you, and you will be able to add Western Legends and expansions to your pledge after the Kickstarter is complete through our pledge manager CrowdOx.   

For the first time we are offering this complete Western Legends  game package for Chinese speakers in cooperation with our  partner Surfin' Meeple China and the exclusive HongKong & Taiwandistributor Broadway Toys Limited.


Games in this bundle will be fully translated into Traditional Chinese. Backers of this bundle will have their games shipped in two separate packages. The Base Game, Fist Full of Extras, and The Good The Bad and the Handsome will be translated and shipped to backers first, followed by Ante Up and Wild Bunch of Extras. Shipping costs for the Chinese Kickstarter Legendary Bundle is listed in the Shipping section below.

All backers of Western Legends: Ante Upwill also receive a copy of the Wild Bunch of Extrasexpansion.This expansion pack comprised of stretch goals unlocked throughout this campaign. As we unlock more and more stretch goals, those items will be added to this expansion! This expansion will become available in limited quantities after the campaign directly from Kolossal.

But wait there's more! You can increase your base pledge level to include any of the featured Add-Ons listed below. 

Backers can use the "Manage Pledge" button to add the specified amount from each add-on to their current pledge. Add-ons will be managed through the pledge manager CrowdOx at the end of the campaign. A link will be sent out to all backers who've pledged at least $1. From this link, backers will be able to edit their pledge and choose which add-ons they'd like. Backers can always increase their pledge through CrowdOx to get additional items. 

Ante Up is an expansion to Western Legends. Here's an overview on how to set up and play the core game from Geek & Sundry!

Western Legends Rule Book

Here's what is new with the Western Legends: Ante Up expansion!

We're still polishing up the layout, and it needs a solid spell check, but here is the up do date rules for Western Legends: Ante Up.

Ante Up Rules Draft

Tantrum House

Blue Player Presents

 Never Bored Gaming

  •  Western Legends: Ante Up kicks off the Kolossal Games 2019 calendar. As such, we are dedicated to continue taking the gaming world by storm with the design, development, and component quality of the expansion to our flagship title.
  • Kolossal Games has a proven track record of successfully funding campaigns and we have delivered several of our first games already! Our President - Travis R. Chance was a founder of Action Phase Games. He is an expert at Kickstarter, funding every game he brought to the platform, including Heroes Wanted, Kodama, and Aeon's End. Our team has continued this record buy successfully funding 9 games in 2018.
  • The core game has highly detailed hand-sculpted miniatures from Pure Arts, some of the last and best in their trade. These miniatures are dynamic, accurate to the time, and gorgeous on the table.
  • This expansion to Western Legends is full of beautiful illustrations and layout from Roland MacDonald and Chris Byer.
  • We are committed to fulfilling all Kickstarter pledges all Kolossal Games titles before they are available at retail.
  • By backing Western Legends: Ante Up through this campaign, you will receive - at no extra cost - the Wild Bunch of Extras expansion. This Limited Quantity expansion will include tons of unlocked Stretch Goal content not in the wide release of Western Legends: Ante Up. We have exciting goals planned for those who want to get in on early copies of this game!
  • Countless hours have gone into the design and development of this game to ensure a balanced and enjoyable experience. Through extensive global internal and open testing, Western Legends provides a rich gaming experience like no other game out there and the Ante Up expansion expands this experience with loads of new options and content.
  • The utmost thought and care were taken with regard to the theme and source material for the game. As with all of Kolossal's releases, we strive to show diversity and thoughtfully approach inclusion.
  • We believe friendly local gaming stores are important pillars of our community and will not sell to online discounters. You can read more here about our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. 
  • Rather than offer exclusices as stretch goals, Kolossal rewards our backers' support with limited edition content. Learn more about our Limited Quantities Policy here.  

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**Rest of European Hub: Bulgaria, Croatia , Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

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Ante Up! (French Language)

One French Language copy of the Kickstarter Edition of Western Legends: Ante Up and the stretch goal expansion (all unlocked stretch goals.)When this reward is selected, you will see shipping costs for your location.
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Ante Up!

One copy of the Kickstarter Edition of Western Legends: Ante Up and the stretch goal expansion (all unlocked stretch goals.)When this reward is selected, you will see shipping costs for your location.
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German Western Legends Bundle

Pre-Order $118
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Chinese Western Legends Bundle

Bringing the full Western Legends experience to Traditional Chinese language speakers.
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