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What should we have for dinner? Maybe pick up something at the farmers market, or just grab some fast food on the way home? Or maybe that new recipe that you want to try out... Just don’t go shopping on an empty stomach.

Consumption: Food and Choices is an approachable worker placement and resource management game about meeting your body’s food needs for 1 to 4 players. Designed by a dietitian, it presents the food we eat as a balance of health and happiness in a non-judgmental way.  

Click for a copy of the current draft of the Rulebook.

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  •  Consumption: Food and Choices is the third Kolossal Games Kickstarter of 2019. As such, we are dedicated to continue taking the gaming world by storm with the design, development, and component quality.
  • Kolossal Games has a proven track record of successfully funding campaigns and we have delivered several of our first games already! Our President - Travis R. Chance was a founder of Action Phase Games. He is an expert at Kickstarter, funding every game he brought to the platform, including Heroes Wanted, Kodama, and Aeon's End. Our team has continued this record by successfully funding 9 games in 2018 and 2 already this year!
  • This board game is full of beautiful illustrations by Naomi Robinson and layout from Chris Byer.
  • We are committed to fulfilling all Kickstarter pledges all Kolossal Games titles before they are available at retail.
  • By backing Consumption: Food and Choices through this campaign, you will receive - at no extra cost - the Extra Helpings expansion. This Limited Quantity expansion will include tons of unlocked Stretch Goal content not in the wide release of Consumption: Food and Choices. We have exciting goals planned for those who want to get in on early copies of this game!
  • Countless hours have gone into the design and development of this game to ensure a balanced and enjoyable experience. The game's designer Karen Knoblaugh, has crafted an excellent game with a unique theme and perspective.
  • The utmost thought and care were taken with regard to the theme and source material for the game. As with all of Kolossal's releases, we strive to make games that are enjoyable, approachable, and non-exclusionary.
  • We believe friendly local gaming stores are important pillars of our community and will not sell to online discounters. You can read more here about our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. 
  • Rather than offer exclusices as stretch goals, Kolossal rewards our backers' support with limited edition content. Learn more about our Limited Quantities Policy here.  

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Risks and challenges

Consumption: Food and Choices is the 13th Kickstarter from Kolossal Games, and our team has years of experience with publishing games. We have an impeccable track record of successfully delivering previous Kickstarter projects to thousands of supporters. Our commitment to building a strong, supportive community around Kolossal Games will enable us to also deliver this project on time and with the highest quality possible. That said, there are always complexities and considerations in a project of this scope that may cause delays. There are many steps in the process of manufacturing and fulfilling a game, many of which involve partnerships. Through careful and thorough planning, common mistakes can be avoided. However, possible delays can occur from circumstances beyond our immediate control. If such an issue is encountered, our team will adapt and no corners will be cut to course correct as needed. Our greatest obstacle is simply the funding capital to manufacture such an ambitious product of the highest quality capable. Your contribution makes this a reality!

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Main Course

This pledge level includes one copy of Consumption: Food and Choices and all unlocked Stretch Goals in the Extra Helpings expansion.
Pre-Order $48
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Full Course

This pledge level includes a copy of Consumption: Food and Choices and all unlocked Stretch Goals in the Extra Helpings expansion. The Full Course also includes the Wooden Token upgrade pack that adds 451 wooden food tokens!
Pre-Order $60
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