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DEEP INSIDE THE CRYPTS OF A MYSTERIOUS PLANET,  A NEW THREAT HAS AWAKENED. Once they were the pets of an immortal race... and today,  they have risen, and are hissing angry!

Who thought that immortalizing their cats into a metal shell was a good idea? It's time to request REINFORCEMENTS

From the lost tech planet, the Mechanicute clan is called onto battle! And Joining them:  Expanded forces from all the corners of the Galaxy!

The cute and weird onslaught of little warriors is BACK for a third encore! This time featuring more designs, more factions, more vehicles and well... Just more stuff!

Join our discord channel here: , we'd love to hear from you  and keep you in the loop! Awesome promos, pictures, and other stuff is shared here.


Want to teleport the girls to your fabricator? Can do! We've got Digital file options! Want to bring the battle to your house through the power of modern shipping?  You can! High quality resin printed and delivered with IMPACT! Miniatures


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LATE BACKER - Digital Models

Use this reward to late back and only get Digital files.   They will be sent to you via email when we are notified of payment (download files are not automatically available).

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LATE BACKER - Physical Prints

Use this option if you want to buy ANY mix of physical prints.

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