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A story told through 24 whimsical puzzles.

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Since ancient times, we have been fascinated by the metamorphosis of our living world. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter represent a journey close to the heart of humankind.

From the makers of Pieces of the Galaxy, HelloFish Creative takes you on yet another fascinating puzzle journey...

In the Pieces of Seasons collection, you will rebuild the ancient Solar Terms that make up our seasons.

The captivating tale of the Solar Terms is told through personified animals - each connected to a point in our seasonal calendar. 

Discover the ancient stories behind each solar term and uncover hidden mysteries as you journey through this collection of 24 beautifully illustrated animals

No two pieces are alike. On this puzzle adventure, you will unearth themed pieces that reflect seasonal elements and ancient traditions.

Discover the foraging squirrels of Autumn...

The majestic storks of Spring...

...and movement to the land as you unearth beautifully unique pieces in every puzzle.

Pieces of Seasons will capture your imagination as you unfold a story of discovery and amazement, one piece at a time.

On this journey, you will travel to Ancient China in 100BC, where the 4 seasons were first broken down into 6 micro-seasons, called Solar Terms.

Formed through ancient observations of the sun's annual motion, the 24 solar terms mark seasonal transformations to our natural world. 

Recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Solar Terms are an important symbol of traditional knowledge.  

Inspired by these Solar Terms, the Pieces of Seasons collection represents each term with a beautifully illustrated animal.  

In these 65 piece puzzles, each season contains 6 puzzles themed after a significant time in the lunar calendar. 

Discover traditional knowledge that has been passed down through generations as you piece together this ancient story.  

Your journey beings in Spring where you will witness the transformation of the climate from cold to warm. This time of year signifies hope as plants grow and animals emerge.

Next you will travel to Summer where the heat intensifies and the landscape flourishes.  

Moving on through Autumn you will feel the cool, crisp weather as leaves begin to fall and both people and animals celebrate a glorious harvest. 

Finish your journey in Winter, where you will find frosted elements as the land flurries and animals go into hibernation. 

The Solar Terms are rich with seasonal references and cultural elements. As you embark on your puzzle journey, you will find unique pieces themed after animals, plants, seasonal fruit and ancient traditions.

From Autumn harvest celebrations to bare winter trees, each puzzle contains pieces that tell a story and take you further on your voyage.

Experience delight and discovery as you uncover hidden creatures and seasonal elements within each puzzle. 

Witness the growth and awakening of Spring.

Watch the Summer landscape grow and flourish.

Celebrate a bountiful Autumn harvest.

And touch the frosted snowflakes of Winter.

Each illustrated animal in the Pieces of Seasons collection is a personification of a solar term. Hidden within each animal are Chinese characters that symbolize the name of the solar term. 

From Start of Spring to the Winter Solstice, each beautiful character marks a point in time on your journey.

Crafted with a raised height, these characters are designed to create a tranquil floating effect, adding to the beauty of each puzzle.

Each Pieces of Seasons puzzle comes with a Discovery Booklet that will guide you on your journey through the solar terms. 

You will learn about the themes of each puzzle, the ancient traditions of the solar terms and the artistic vision behind the beautiful illustrations. 

Every Pieces of Seasons puzzle contains a hidden puzzle representing a seasonal element of the solar term. From frost hidden in a hibernating bear...

...to seasonal plants of spring in a lively fox, each puzzle is an invitation to unearth mysteries about our natural world.

Add depth to the hidden puzzles by flipping pieces over to reveal intricate laser cut etchings that become part of the puzzle artwork.

Reveal more hidden puzzles by combining pieces from each season to discover the Guardian of the Season.  

The Four Guardians are mythological creatures that appear among the Chinese constellations. They are believed to be guardians of the four cardinal directions and are associated with good fortune and happiness.

The Yellow Dragon reigns over the Four Guardians representing the center of the cosmos and the changing of seasons. 

Combine pieces from all twenty-four solar terms and bring the Yellow Dragon to life!

Our puzzles are unmatched in quality and design and this is all because of our innovative design process.

Our imaging is 1200 DPI (dots per inch), which is an incredible level of resolution. The human eye can only differentiate up to 400 DPI. This means we can create gorgeous, striking puzzles – perfect for display purposes and more faithful to the original vision of the artist. Most other puzzle manufacturers, including many leading puzzle brands, only print to 150-200 DPI. 

We print directly onto the wood. Most puzzle makers print onto photo paper, apply the paper to the wood and cut the wood. This can cause frayed edges and distorted images from the heat transfer. We cut the pieces and print directly onto the wood, leaving a beautiful, high-resolution finish. This also means our puzzles are waterproof and resistant to humidity. Spilly puzzlers rejoice!

Our edge cutting method uses a special carbon dioxide laser. This means no chipped or scruffy edges, unlike puzzles made by traditional laser cutting methods. Our machine also uses a high-powered microscope to ensure maximum precision. 

It actually takes us 900 times LONGER to make our puzzles than mainstream manufacturers, but we believe so strongly in the quality of our puzzles that we are not willing to sacrifice time for quality!

Our Pieces of the Galaxy collection received amazing feedback from both the puzzle community and Kickstarter backers - we cannot wait for you to try Pieces of Seasons!

Here's what the puzzlers have been saying about our puzzles. 

In every Pieces of Seasons box, we’ve included a free “picker pen” to help you pull out those tightly slotted pieces. 

Build your puzzles with ease and pull pieces out in a snap with this handy puzzling tool!   

 The Pieces of Seasons puzzle collection is a truly unique piece of artwork. Proudly display your puzzles with our stunning acrylic display stands.

Our acrylic display stands have been meticulously crafted specifically for each puzzle, creating a snug fit with a gorgeous design to compliment any wall or coffee table.

Each display stand contains artistic features that have been designed to become an extension of the puzzle artwork

Watch your puzzles come to life and display them proudly with each gorgeously designed display. 

 Included with each display stand are 2 sticker backings to fit puzzle pieces tightly onto the stand.  

Additionally, we have included hardware to display your puzzle upright on a tabletop or as an art piece on your wall.

 To add a display stand to your pledge, simply add the price of the display stand to your total pledge. See below for pledge levels and pricing.

To compliment the Pieces of Seasons collection, we have created a set of 24 acrylic mini-keychains designed with the same beautiful artwork. 

Swap out seasons and carry a beautiful reminder of your Pieces of Seasons journey with these shimmering, acrylic keychains. 

This is no ordinary Kickstarter campaign. We have created 4 mysterious creatures to help guide you on your journey through the seasons. These mystic creatures will be added to your puzzle pledge as a FREE gift!

Season Puzzle Set pledges will receive 1 figurine (random selection) and the Full Collection and All-in pledges will receive all 4 figurines. Unlock each stretch goal to reveal the mystic creature of the season! 

Our first stretch goal, the Spring Otter has been unlocked! Add some fun to your puzzle experience with this adorable little figurine!

Our second stretch goal, the Summer Frog has been unlocked! Keep this lively little critter nearby as you piece together the beautiful summer solar terms. 

Our third stretch goal, the Autumn Squirrel figurine, has been unlocked! Add this cute little guy to your tabletop as you explore the beautiful autumn solar terms. 

Our fourth and final stretch goal, the Winter Rabbit figurine, has been unlocked! This cuddly little creature will cozy up on your tabletop as you discover the winter solar terms. 

As you piece together the story of the Solar Terms, you will uncover secret meanings, hidden puzzles and beautiful themed illustrations. Every 65 piece puzzle tells a truly magnificent tale.

As you orbit the sun exploring the solar terms, take your adventure even further to outer space with this collection of 10 fascinating planets. We are so excited to add the Pieces of the Galaxy collection as new campaign add-on! 

Made with transparent acrylic pieces allow light to pour though some planets, giving life to coursing rivers or streams of gas. You can learn more about the Pieces of the Galaxy collection HERE

Discover the Galaxy and All-in add-ons will receive a BONUS Pluto planet as a special gift!

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Carry your favorite puzzle in the palm of your hand with our beautiful, acrylic keychains. Printed in high-definition on shimmering acrylic, each keychain contains the same gorgeous illustrations found in the Pieces of Seasons collection.

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Season Puzzle Set

Journey through the season of your choice with this high-quality, wood puzzle collection.

Receive 1 x free figurine (random selection) as a FREE gift.

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Full Collection

Embark on a truly unforgettable journey with the entire Pieces of Seasons collection!

Uncover hidden puzzles as you travel through the lunar calendar with this beautiful, high-quality wood puzzle collection.

Pledge for the Full Collection and receive 4 x acrylic keychains (1 random for each season) + 4 x figurines as a special gift!

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Embark on a truly unforgettable journey with the all-in Pieces of Seasons collection!

Uncover hidden puzzles as you travel through the lunar calendar with this beautiful, high-quality wood puzzle collection.

Pledge for the All-in collection and receive 4 x figurines as a special gift!

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