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Dots & Lines is an interactive Flip Book Edition based on the classic puzzle game ‘Connect the Dots’. The Edition includes two volumes, each containing 6 different animations of numbered dots. If you are familiar with our 6 x 1 flip books, you may know that they hide a special secret: unlike a normal flip book, they feature not just 2, but 6 animated sequences! It may at first seem magical, but it's actually a clever trick you will be able to figure out once you hold the flip book in your hands. :)

The first volume, Dots, contains 6 different dot-to-dot puzzles created by renowned international animators, while the second volume, Lines, features 6 puzzle sequences based on mind-boggling optical illusions. To find out what the individual sequences represent, you must first connect the dots page by page and then - flip it!

Connect the dots is a puzzle activity that you have no doubt already experienced at some point in your life, so you are probably familiar with the tantalizing feeling of having a blank page with lots of little numbers in front of you. Almost instantly you will find yourself looking for number 1, then 2, 3 and so on, while unconsciously searching for a pen nearby. You may remember that it is not only highly addictive, but also tremendously satisfying to find out what is hidden behind the numbers.

The Dots & Lines Flip Book Edition includes a total of 432 pages (216 per flip book), that translate to 432 individual dot-to-dot puzzles to resolve! And if you pay attention to how the drawings develop from one page to the next, you can also learn how the principles of animation work as you go along.

Since we don't want to spoil the surprise for you, we have decided not to show the final animation sequences here. Instead, this campaign  will showcase a few examples which are very similar to what you will eventually find in the flip book. 

Dots is a flip book with 6 different animations (also called sequences) created by internationally renowned animators. Each side of the flip book contains 3 different sequences made up of 36 pages. Once you have connected all the dots in one sequence, all you have to do is flip it to discover what is hidden behind the dots.  After that, you can even grab your favorite coloring pens and color the animations, so in fact you have a dot-to-dot flip book and a coloring flip book, all in one!

For Dots we wanted to combine different animation styles in one flip book so we are very excited to welcome 6 wonderful animators from all over the world to our project! But we'll come back to them later. The sample character we have used for the campaign (GIF above) is the legendary Mr. Coo, a cartoon created by our dear Nacho Rodriguez, one of the best Spanish animators and whom we have the privilege to count on for this project.

For the second volume, Lines, we have selected some of the most puzzling optical illusions and turned them into animation. Most of these sequences are based on the dot-to-dot technique as well. They work in a similar way to the ones featured in Dots, but in addition, once all the dots are connected and the pages are flipped, the animations produce mind-boggling optical illusions. Ranging from astonishing to downright weird these sequences include impossible figures, geometrical illusions and visual paradoxes that will play awesome tricks on your eyes and mind.

Optical illusions have been amusing and dazzling people's minds for thousands of years. They are wonderful and weird because they make us see something that is not actually there. Our brain tries to figure out how they work, while our eyes see something that cannot be real. Welcome to the mind trip! 

Besides our publishing project Flipboku, we have been  professionally involved in the field of animation for over 15 years now through our animation studio Zumbakamera. We loved the idea of making a flip book featuring the work of many of our animator friends, packing it full of fun ideas and different animation styles – and  Dots & Lines is the exciting result!

We have assembled a fabulous team of outstanding animators whose work has been shown and recognized by the world's largest animation studios, broadcasters and film festivals. So, in no particular order, here is our star-studded cast of animators:

Academy Award nominated director John R. Dilworth is a New York-based animation director and designer whose work has appeared on Netflix, Showtime, HBO, FOX, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, Canal +, and Arte. His films have screened in museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. He is the founder of Stretch Films, Inc., an independent animation design and production studio in New York City.

Andy is a highly skilled stop-motion animator who has worked on Oscar-nominated movies such as ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings. He is also well known for his Andymation Youtube channel, where he shares tutorials and flip book videos that generate millions of views. He also developed the Andymation Flipbook Kit to help people draw their own animations and spread the flip book love.

Nacho Rodríguez is a Spanish Academy Award nominee who has been directing and animating short films, commercials and videogames since 2001. He is well known for his animated short films Mr. Coo, A Lifestory and also for his music videos, like the one for Gotye’s song Giving me a Chance. His work has been widely acclaimed online and at international film festivals. He is currently working on the Mr. Coo video game.

Ben Zurawski, better known as The Flippist, is an illustrator, animator and professional flip book maker. If there was such a thing as a flip book king, it would definitely be him. Ben creates awesome hand-drawn custom flip books and has worked for the likes of MTV, Nickelodeon, Samsung, Stabilo and the American Red Cross. Ben runs several active social media profiles where you can discover his amazing work. 

Rocío is a Belgium-based animation film director, illustrator and painter. She creates fresco paintings, illustrations and animations for clients such as Radio France Culture, RTBF (Radio-Télévision Belge) and the Spanish National Lottery, whilst also developing her own personal projects such as her renowned short film Simbiosis Carnal, winner of the Grand Prix for Best Short Film at the Brussels International Short Film Festival. We were lucky enough to make a terrific flip book with Rocío!

Jossie is our in-house animator, designer, creative director and irreplaceable head of the Flipboku crew. In the animation world, he is best known for his multi-award-winning short film series Bendito Machine which has earned him more than 100 international awards and has been officially selected at numerous film festivals. His work includes short films, commissions and video clips such as All the Tears and Born in Winter from Gojira.

Apart from being fun, puzzles are wonderful brain-boosting activities, and people of all ages can benefit from their many positive attributes. Besides, in our hyperconnected world with its constant demands on our attention, focusing on a single task like a puzzle, allows us to connect with ourselves again and forget about our cell phones, computers and tablets for a moment. It is a fun task to do in company and encourages conversations with our friends and family, something that is increasingly difficult to achieve nowadays due to all the media distraction around us. 

Those of you familiar with our previous Kickstarter projects Molecularis or Apollo 11, may already have an idea about how the flip book magic works. If you observe the book in closer detail, you will notice that the edges are cut in a specific way, so that you can swap between the different sequences. This is the key that gives Dots & Lines its unique feature of showing you six different animations, one after another - you'll have a blast watching people's faces when they see the flip book for the first time and try to understand how it works! :D

Since we don’t want to give away any spoilers about Dots & Lines’ 6 sequences, we’ll show you this video from our previous flip book Molecularis, which also features the 6x1 cut. Perhaps you’ve even already colored your Molecularis and are ready for the next flip book challenge :)

And here's the secret: it all depends on the position of your thumb. You can switch between the sequences by placing your thumb either in the upper corner, the center or the lower corner of the front edge of the book. Then turn it around and you will have 3 more sequences to flip! 

We love great packaging and design, and that is why we keep working on different ideas and prototypes until we find a design that really grabs our hearts. Like all our flip books, Dots & Lines comes with a handy slipcase to keep your flip books safe after you use them. It prevents the pages from wearing out and, by the way, it looks awesome on your shelf or wherever you want to keep it.

Included is also a handy leaflet with detailed information and instructions about each of the 12 sequences, to make sure you know exactly what to do and have the best possible dot-to-dot experience. 

100% of the Dots & Lines production process will be carried out in our own printing studio Boku Lab, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. This ensures that we can work quickly and completely independently,  without having to rely on any third-party providers, who may cause delays, manufacturing defects or other problems that can arise during  production. Our printing team is highly qualified and produced over 5000 flip books in record time for our recent campaign Apollo11, while meticulously monitoring every single detail of the complex production process.

We have partnered with Winsor & Newton, the leading British color-maker established over 180 years ago, to create two awesome rewards! The Pencil Set is available either with Graphite Pencils or Watercolour Pencils (choose your favorite when filling out your survey after the campaign).

The Graphite Pencil Set features 12 graphite pencils in a broad range of hardnesses. This high quality set will not only allow you to connect the dots right away, but also work with shading once you have discovered the hidden animations. 

If you prefer to give your Dots & Lines a bit of color, then the Soft Thick-Core Water Color Pencils are the perfect pick. They are excellent if you’re looking for incredibly smooth and vibrant color, ideal for blending and shading, and can be used wet or dry. 

Despite its small size, a lot of work goes into creating a flip book like Dots & Lines.

First of all, countless hours are dedicated to producing the 12 dot-to-dot animations, then we had to figure out how to place the dots in every single frameso that the animations run smoothly once all dots are connected. That was kind of tricky since you don't want to have too many dots on the page, as they would reveal the final outcome, but on the other hand there must be enough dots for the drawing to look good in the end. We then designed, cut, bound and tested until we were satisfied with the final result.

A niche printing project such as this can only be cost-effective if a specific volume threshold is reached. With your help, we’ll be able to get this innovative project printed and make Dots & Lines a reality!

Flipboku is the brainchild of animator and designer Jossie Malis and film music composer Julie Reier. We have both been working in the world of animation for many years now and love all things related to animation, books and design. We loved the idea of having our own flip book publishing house, so we started the project in 2016 and it has grown steadily since then.

Today, the Flipboku team is made up of 6 members, all working in our design and printing studio Boku Lab in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The team is completed with the invaluable hands of illustrator and graphic designer Noemi Aiolo, and our irreplaceable production technicians Gustavo Berdayes, Tomás Pons and José Ramón Pineda, responsible for the entire production process.

With Flipboku, we want to reinvent the format and create unique flip book editions, that are not only fun, but also useful either in a creative, artistic or educationalway. Dots & Lines is our third Kickstarter project after two successful campaigns, Molecularis and Apollo 11.

We are extremely grateful for your support and would love to see you on board!

Risks and challenges

After 2 successful Kickstarter projects, we have optimized our workflow to ensure that both production and shipping run smoothly. The most important lesson we learned from our first project is that no matter how well prepared you are, you will always have to reckon with unexpected situations as long as you are dependent on third-party providers. This is why we set up our own printing workshop, and 100% of all the production process is now carried out there. Our experienced printing technicians will personally take care of the printing process to ensure that production is executed to perfection, so that all our backers receive a product of the highest possible quality and as quickly as possible.

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You'll receive 1 Dots & Lines Flip Book Edition featuring two volumes. Each volume contains 6 dot-to-dot puzzle sequences that transform into animations and optical illusions once you've connected all the dots.
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You'll receive 1 Dots & Lines Flip Book Edition featuring two volumes with 6 dot-to-dot puzzle sequences each, plus the practical Flipboku Holder, that gives you more flexibility while connecting the dots (see Update #5 on Kickstarter).

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You'll receive 1 Dots & Lines Flip Book Edition with 2 volumes. In addition, choose between the high quality 12 piece Watercolour Pencil Set or the stylish 12 piece Graphite Pencil Set from Winsor & Newton, both perfect to start connecting your dots right away!

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You'll receive 1 Dots & Lines Flip Book Edition featuring two volumes of dot-to-dot flip books + 1 Molecularis Coloring Flip Book to color yourself + 1 Blanko Freestyle Flip Book with blank pages to animate in whatever way you like. 

A great bundle for creative spirits!

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5% OFF You'll receive 2 Dots & Lines Flip Book Editions featuring two volumes. Each volume contains 6 dot-to-dot puzzle sequences that transform into animations and optical illusions once you've connected all the dots.

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8% OFF You'll receive 2 Dots & Lines Flip Book Editions featuring two volumes with 6 dot-to-dot puzzle sequences each, plus 2 practical Flipboku Holders, that give you more flexibility while connecting the dots.

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10% OFF MSRP You'll receive 3 Dots & Lines Flip Book Editions featuring two volumes of dot-to-dot flip books. Great to share the flip book love with your nearest and dearest :)

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You'll receive 1 Dots & Lines Flip Book Edition featuring two volumes of dot-to-dot flip books + the Molecularis Coloring Flip Book to color yourself + the Blanko Freestyle Flip Book with blank pages to animate in whatever way you like + the Bendito Machine Flip Book with 6 different sequences + the Apollo 11 Flip Book Edition including two volumes and three 3D Augmented Reality models. 

The perfect deal to start your flip book collection!

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18% OFF MSRP You'll receive 5 Dots & Lines Flip Book Editions featuring two volumes. Each volume contains 6 dot-to-dot puzzle sequences that transform into animations and optical illusions once you've connected all the dots. The perfect deal to share your flip book love with family and friends!

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The Flipboku Subscription includes all 7 flip books we have published so far + 5 of the upcoming flip books we will be publishing within the next year (by Feb 2021). 

Included are: Dots & Lines, the Molecularis Coloring Flip Book, the Bendito Machine Flip Book, the Blanko Freestyle Flip Book, The Apollo 11 Flip Book Edition (2 volumes), the Simbiosis Carnal Flip Book by Rocío Álvarez. These are all shipping in June 2020. Besides, you will be the first to receive 5 of our upcoming flip books, as soon as they are published (shipped individually. Included here: The Movie Classics). That means 13 flippies in total!

NOTE: Not included are any editions of future crowdfunding projects.

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