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Risks and challenges:

Since you are reading the risks, you must be considering backing, and for that, we are extremely thankful!! We are first-time creators, and as such we understand that there are always risks associated with that. However, we have been working, learning, and researching best practices for shipping, fulfillment, and manufacturing. In order to mitigate our inexperience, we are working with partners who have extensive experience.

 We will be working with a tried and true logistics company, OEC logistics, in order to get our game shipped to backers anywhere in the world. We are getting Factions: Battlegrounds manufactured by Vinson Games, and have been communicating and working in lockstep with Vinson's representatives for over a year. We will be partnering with Crowd Ox in order to provide the highest and most reliable level of customer service. We have all of our art and graphic design work, and every single component of our game 100% complete and print-ready. We have our fulfillment plan set and ready. We also are going to make a concerted effort to be available and answer any questions and address any issues that arise throughout this process. 

There are always unknowns, especially in today's climate, and we are a small team. However, we have worked very hard on this for several years, and we are as passionate as ever about making sure that backers get a very high-quality game in a very timely manner.

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For every pledge of $25 or more, Factions: Battlegrounds will be able to donate a copy of the game to a neighborhood organization or school. Our mission is to increase representation in gaming, and you can help us do that by making sure Factions is accessible and available to everyone.
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Factions: Battlegrounds Base Game

Want to enter the fray? The Factions: Battlegrounds Base Game gives you all you need as a new General! The base game includes the 6 original factions, each with 12 units ready for battle, and each with a unique combat style. Each faction comes with 5 unique terrain tiles to help you gain a tactical advantage. Also included? All of the tokens needed for 2-4 player all out brawls!Includes: Factions: Battlegrounds base gameShipping will be charged when the campaign ends via the pledge manager!
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Factions: Battlegrounds Expansion

The battle rages on, with more factions and more monsters! The Factions: Battlegrounds expansion comes with 2 additional factions, which means 24 additional units to control and 10 additional terrain tiles. This version also comes with the full base game.Includes: Factions: Battlegrounds base gameFull 12 Unit Primus Faction (with terrain tiles)Full 12 Unit Moonshadow Faction (with terrain tiles)Shipping will be charged at the end of the campaign via the pledge manager!
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Elite General's Edition

For the true masters of the battleground, the Elite General's Edition includes the full Factions: Battlegrounds Expansion, as well as a concept art book that dives into the lore behind each faction, as well as the inspiration behind the units in the game and the process that it took to bring them to life!Includes: Factions: Battlegrounds base gameFull 12 Unit Primus Faction (with terrain tiles)Full 12 Unit Moonshadow Faction (with terrain tiles)Concept art book sharing more about the land and lore of Graviterrus and featuring the illustration process of our talented group of artists!Shipping will be charged when the campaign ends via the pledge manager!
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Retailers level (US retailers only)

Retailer bundle for Factions: Battlegrounds (US Retailers only)

5 copies of the Expansion version (each with all unlocked stretch goals)

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