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Donate to the cause! =D

Thank you for your help. =D Every little bit counts!

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D.I.Y. (Print&Play) - Retro Gravity

Go back in time with us and play the ORIGINAL Gravity Warfare!

This makes for a great weekend family project. It just takes a few hours to complete.

You will have the blueprints to make your own Gravity Warfare Retro game (our very first game made out of wood).

You will receive:
1. PDF and SVG files with all instructions to make your own game.
2. PDF of two of the very first patterns used for the game.

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Standard Pledge - Gravity Master

This is our standard pledge, for all of you that have learned the secrets of gravity and equilibrium. You will get the complete first edition of Gravity Warfare.

This includes:
1. Your own copy of Gravity Warfare - Gaming on a Whole New Level.
2. All Stretch Goals Achieved
3. D.I.Y. (Print&Play) - Retro Gravity Files

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Gravity Retailer Exclusive

This is for retailers only. Pledge on this reward and send us a message. Tell us how many you would like to order and where they will go for your custom quote.

The retailer pledge is based on case-quantities of 6 units of Gravity Warfare.

Retailers will go through a verification process to receive this reward.

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