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Organize your board game bits like never before. It's time to defeat Tabletop Chaos once and for all!

Token Sesame: Bring Order to the Tabletop

Token Sesame is first-of-its-kind. A completely modular, click-together set of token holders that can be arranged into LITERALLY THOUSANDS of configurations. The possibilities are infinite!

Click-clack, chambers go together in a snap. No tools needed, just the power of your majestic hands.

Long, short, round, spacey, book-ended. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Standing tall and proud over the table, Token Sesame makes ANY table into a board game table by giving even the smallest table enough room for the largest of games. You can build a literal tower of board game tokens!

Token Sesame has three main vertical configurations: - The Carousel -

The carousel features a spinning top to make accessing distant tokens a snap.

As well as a carrying knob, so you can pass the whole bank around the table.

You can even split the stacks and make whole new configurations!

- The Staircase -

The Staircase is a space-efficient stackable bank that converts to a portable travel mode (learn more later on the page).

The Staircase condenses an entire table's worth of tokens into a manageable 3" (9 cm) tall vertical array.

The Staircase can also be expanded infinitely, to accommodate even the most sprawling of games. The 5-layer system below uses two Token Sesames and a Walker Expansion add-on (for the additional leg parts).

Need some extra room on your table? Try - The Walker -

The Walker gives you some extra space right under the system itself! 

Use the sturdy metal legs to give yourself some extra gaming space. 

Six metal leg parts are included in each Token Sesame kit (that's about 6.2 cm of height) - use them to construct the spine of the Carousel, or the legs of the Walker or the Staircase. Add a Walker Expansion pack to give your system even more height (lifting the system over 12 cm off the table). See 'Add-ons' for details.

These are just SOME of the configurations you can make, others include: -The Corner-

The Corner is designed to wrap around the corners of the board.

- The Long Bar - 

- The Long Bar - 

- The Illuminati - 

Each configuration serves a different purpose and are useful for different types of games. 

You can even build each player their own personal bank!


Token Sesame is adaptable because no two board games are alike - every board game requires its own organizational solution!

A token storage system that adapts perfectly to any game. It's basically the closest thing we have to real magic!


Our science minions have crunched the data: Token Sesame's inner chamber walls are perfectly angled for finger grabs.

At this precise angle, your fingers get just enough velocity to comfortably scoop your tokens, while also keeping the system compact.

Speaking of comfort - Token Sesame's inner chamber walls are as smooth as silk. Our plastic moulds are made to be frictionless, giving you a perfectly slippery feel. We call it HYPERGLIDE technology.

The inner chamber walls are so smooth that your fingers glide right over them. It's like touching the Milky Way itself, if the Milky Way was made of melted butter.


We've heard your cries, your Majesty! You want token holders that store ALL of a game's tokens. Token Sesame is a token holder, and that's exactly what it does: holds ALL the tokens. 

Token Sesame's chambers have a deeper capacity than most other bit holders, one Token Sesame set comes with 12 chambers - meaning you'll be hard pressed to find a game that overflows this majestic machine.


Hold onto your butts - Token Sesame also converts into a DICE ROLLING TRAY.

Token Sesame's high quality neoprene dice rolling mat give your dice more bounce, helping you get more random rolls.

Each art plate pack comes with a dice rolling pad in a unique color that matches its theme. 

For example, Nick Nazzaro's New Discoveries on Planet Zub set comes with a lava-like red rolling pad. But others come with blue, black, purple - it's a surprise! 

Each signature art plate set comes with a different color rolling pad - but the color itself is a secret! The only way to get a dice rolling pad of every available color is to collect every available art plate set.


What's more is that Token Sesame also comes with a CARD DECK HOLDER module that fits perfectly into the Carousel's base plate.

The card deck holder is perfectly positioned to make taking top cards easy due to its angled designed.

The card holder module clicks into the hexagon base of the Carousel - meaning you don't have to use it with the steel spine and second layer if you don't want to.

The deck overhangs the chamber, making it easy to insert cards into the bottom of the deck too!

Not only that, but the large chambers can also hold cards of cards at a 45 degree angle. Give one to each player and they've got their own personal card holder system.


Normal-sized arms can present bigger-than-normal sized problems. Especially when it comes to reaching across the table to pick up tokens.

Tired of stretching across the table to reach that resource? I don't blame you, normal human! No more frustrated sighs from your friends when they reach across to the table to collect their coins and resources.

Suddenly you lift the Token Sesame up and HAND THEM THE ENTIRE BANK. Token Sesame's modular steel column can handle up to 15 lbs of token weight! Your friends are grateful, and you earn a reputation of being considerate host. Your friends add "the Kindhearted" to the end of your name from that day forward. 

Every token and resource in the game is just a turn or spin away. Majestic accessibility in a small footprint!

Make your guests' gameday WONDROUS. Look at this long bar, and how effortlessly your friends can pluck tokens from it! Your friends will soon come to view you as the Champion of Generosity.


Ending a play session is already sad enough without the risk of losing pieces. Dumping bowls or swiping tokens is a dangerous endeavor - one wrong move and you could lose pieces to "the abyss".

Token Sesame has funneled edges, which means pieces group together and pour like a waterfall.


Going on an adventure? Worry not, your Majesty! Take Token Sesame with you!

Token Sesame can collapse into a compact TRAVEL MODE. Connect the knobs and slot the lid on, and you're ready to go in less than 5 seconds.

The stacked chambers and the lid keeps tokens in place during your travels, meaning you can load up a game and be ready to play on arrival.

No more awkward moments as your friends watch you sort out components.

Simply open up the Token Sesame and your tokens will be peacefully sitting there, eager to get to the board.

Let the shiny branded lid holds in all your bits during your travels.

The black velvet travel bag is embroidered with a golden Token Sesame logo. 

Fancy. Feels gentle to the touch, too.

Real threaded embroidery makes the Token Sesame travel bag ooze class. 

What are those art plates anyway? Glad (I could make it look like) you asked, your Majesty!

Token Sesame features removable, collectible art plates by some of the world's most famous board game artists.

Every Token Sesame art plate is created using REVOLUTIONARY ink on plastic printing technology - using methods only seen in luxury brands such as Kate Spade and LV.

This super high-quality printing is completely resistant to scratches and damage, and are designed to stand up to the test of time! 

Art plates slide on and off with ease.

Each Collectible Art Plate Set comes with EIGHTEEN art plates of three different sizes. Each set has 3 parts of a panorama. In most sets, each of these three panel types has a unique design.

The beauty of many of Token Sesame's art plates is that they are designed to look continuous, no matter how you configure your chambers. The artwork flows like a never-ending river of magic paint! 

Mix and match plates to make your Token Sesame world-stoppingly stunning.

All Token Sesame signature art plate sets come in collectible window boxes, allowing you to display your collection with pride.

All signature art plate sets are LIMITED EDITION. In other words, everything is limited run! We plan to continuously release new art plates in the future and to work with new artists, but only a limited amount of sets will be produced, and most will be Kickstarter exclusive. Right now, you have these options unlocked: