Swift Charge: World's Smallest 4 in 1 GaN Wall Charger
✓3xUSB-C 1xUSB-A ✓GaN(Gallium Nitride) technology ✓Multiple-device-chargeable ✓65W of output ✓Supports 20Wx3 output ✓Egg size

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  • Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology is used to achieve the smallest size possible
  • High power of 65W (single port) to charge your MacBook Pro
  • Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously, including smartphones, tablets, etc., and can quick-charge each device.

Swift Charge


With the widespread use of USB-C, smartphones, tablets, PCs, mobile batteries, and many other devices are now capable of quick charging. The market for chargers is also advancing rapidly as smart devices continue to improve in capacity and quick charging. Among them, chargers using gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors are particularly superior, and using GaN dramatically increases the heat resistance and charging efficiency of chargers, making it possible to realize smaller and more powerful devices. 


Swift Charge is not only a small and multi-port device but also a high-powered charger that can share power with multiple people's devices and can even charge a PC. 


It's perfect for gadget lovers who use multiple devices, sharing it with your family and friends, or sharing it at the office. 


More Compact than the Apple Charger 


GaN and our unique heat dissipation technology have reduced heat to the limit, increasing charging efficiency and making it smaller! As a result, it's far smaller, 47% less than the original Apple charger, and yet it's very convenient with four ports.
It's almost the same size as an egg, so it doesn't get bulky when you carry it in your pocket or bag. 



Compared to other companies' products with the same specifications, it is clearly more compact and has higher output, but it also supports multiple ports. 


Single port, 65W ultra-high power


For example, 13 inch Macbook Pros can take advantage of the super high output of the charger, and so can be quickly charged to 50% in only 39 minutes.
Since it supports PPS (Programmable Power Supply), it can also quickly charge all kinds of laptops such as Surface Pro, Lenovo, NEC and TOSHIBA.Since the required voltage differs from device to device, the charger is only used to its full potential and peak performance if the device supports PPS.


Since it can charge the devices quickly, you can plug it in before you go out, and the device can reach 50% charge in just 30 minutes.
If your device is capable of charging faster than 18W, such as the Galaxy Note 10+, it can quick-charge your device to more than 10% in a few minutes. 


In addition to the MacBook Pro, it also supports maximum speed charging for all other devices such as laptops and gaming consoles.

 Charging up to 4 Devices Simultaneously 



Swift Charge is designed for laptop, smartphone or tablet users to charge their devices at the same time.When charging three iPhone 12s at the same time, it can charge them at 20W each. Of course, it can also charge all kinds of devices such as laptops, Android devices and other devices quickly.

If you are using three iPhones in a family, those can be quick-charged at the same time, without having to fight over a charger. 



Charge Your Devices

Supports 45W output to fully charge two devices at the same time, which is also enough to charge a laptop. If you do so, the laptop will be charged at 45W, and the other devices can be charged by 20 watts. 


Designed to quick-charge each device when charging 3 or more devices at the same time.   



The difference in specs is obvious when compared to the original Apple charger. You can see Swift Charge is superior to other products.




Design Concept

We made a narrow shape in the body of the adapter and designed it to fit Japanese hands, making it easier to put in and out when using. 


With the folded plug, even people with small hands can easily insert and remove the plug with one hand 




We have two different colors: white and black.

Introduction of add-ons

This is a great opportunity to support our most popular products as well.


The world's smallest and lightest, credit-card sized mobile battery, our very own SMARTCOBY fits in your pocket. This product has raised more than 6,631,225yen on the Japanese crowdfunding site "Makuake" and Kickstarter. You can go out anywhere, without worrying about running out of charge. 



This is the 20,000mAh version of the SMARTCOBY series, which raised over 4 million yen in July 2020 on a Japanese crowdfunding site. 


SMARTCOBY20000 is almost the same size as iPhone XS, and can charge the devices multiple times. 




PD cable for quick charging / USB-C to Surface Pro Cable

We have three types of cables. This fast-charging PD cable lets you get the most out of various USB-C devices such as Apple devices, Android devices, Macbooks, laptops, Nintendo Switch, etc., and gives you the maximum speed of power that Swift Charge has to offer.
This convenient cable allows you to charge your Microsoft Surface device directly from the power bank, with no need to use an adapter anymore. It will help you make your bag lighter and tidy.  


Project Schedule

  • 2020 May       The Original idea
  •    June             Completed the prototype
  •    July               Changed Design
  •   August          Applied for the PSE Certification
  •  September    PSE Certification Approved
  •   October        Kickstarter Project  Launch, Mass Production
  • November      Ship to the distribution center
  • December      Ship out to the backers

 The Story Behind This Project 

In recent years, the latest iPhones and Android devices have become USB-C charging, which has led to a number of new products such as Air pods, Apple Watch, etc. Wearable devices that are used daily have become widely used by both men and women. Despite the fact that various devices are being upgraded, many people are probably using the same charger or the charger that came with it as before. 
Just as new devices come out year after year, we would like you to upgrade your charger too. In that way, you will finally make use of the specifications that the device has.
In this project, we want to help people who have only used the charger that came with it. We want you to experience the charging speed of Swift Charge, and realize the convenience of Swift Charge.
Swift Charge is a palm-sized, lightweight, high-powered, and multi-port charger. This futuristic charger can solve can solve all of your problems at once. It's the perfect solution for all your devices with just one charger. We have started this project in the hope that this product will become the new standard for our customers.

CIO Co., Ltd.



We launched CIO Co., Ltd. in 2017 and operate mainly EC malls such as Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo Shopping. We will continue to make every effort to deliver products with high quality and high-cost performance that can only be produced locally in Japan, to our customers. By Crowdfunding, we would like you to experience our concepts and our products. We have had many opportunities to launch various projects at Makuake, and many people have sympathized and supported us. Through such projects, we are very happy that many people can have the experience of using a truly useful gadget. We would be so thankful for your continued support. Thank you!  


¥4,280 Only 100 left

Kickstarter Special: Swift Chargex1

Swift Charge x1
Pledge ¥4,280
¥4,580 Only 150 left

Super Early Bird: Swift Chargex1

Swift Charge x1
Pledge ¥4,580

Early Bird: Cable Set

Swift Charge x1 Cable x1
Pledge ¥5,580

Early Bird: SMARTCOBY10000 Set

Swift Charge x1 SMARTCOBY10000(powerbank) x1
Pledge ¥7,580

Early Bird: SMARTCOBY10000+Cable Set

Swift Charge x1 SMARTCOBY10000(powerbank) x1 Cable x1
Pledge ¥8,380
¥8,860 Only 200 left

Early Bird: Pair Set Swift Charge x2

Swift Charge x2
Pledge ¥8,860

Early Bird: SMARTCOBY20000 Set

Swift Charge x1 SMARTCOBY20000(powerbank) x1
Pledge ¥9,780

Early Bird: SMARTCOBY20000+Cable Set

Swift Charge x1 SMARTCOBY20000(powerbank) x1 Cable x1
Pledge ¥10,580
¥16,300 Only 50 left

Early Bird: Family Set Swift Charge x4

Swift Charge x4
Pledge ¥16,300
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