Levy, Maneuver, Conquer!

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Miles Romanus (Roman Military)

Welcome to the Legions! 

As part of the Roman military, your copy of Centurion comes with (your choice of) a bonus tile pack and a pair of Kickstarter-exclusive Gladiator tiles! 

A $60 value! Shipping not included.

Pledge $40
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Optio (Officer)

Thou conquerest! 

As an officer of the vaunted Legions, the Senate has reserved you a Deluxe Edition upgrade for Centurion (neoprene playmat, antique gold challenge coin and two pair of "Imperator" tiles) plus the rewards due all backers at Miles Romanus. 

A $90 value! Shipping not included.

Pledge $60
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Militum Patronum (Retailer Level)

A patron of the military, you help shape and guide the officers as they come up through the ranks aspiring to higher political endeavors. 

Retailer Patrons receive a standard 50% discount plus free domestic shipping on six (or more) copies of Centurion plus the exclusive Gladiator tiles. Retailers also receive ten silver Challenge Coins to promote in-store play and may purchase all tile packs and deluxe upgrades. 

A $300 value!

Pledge $120
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