Reign of Cthulhu: A Lovecraft inspired Augmented Reality RPG

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Faction Level

Get to play the game when it’s released and choose your faction! This tier lets you enjoy the game they way it’s meant to be played. Did you think we wouldn’t let you play in style? Wear your T-shirt and Play it #WearItPlayIt

AR Faction Beacon - Wherever you go into a portal to start a quest, or claim your territory, your faction will be seen for miles!

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Wear One Give One

Choose 2 factions to receive your 2 t-shirts. Wear one and give the other to your gaming partner! We love how our game brings people together, and we made this pledge tier for you.

HQ Wild Deck:
Research - Items take time to research to use. With the research deck, you’ll be able to cut that time down.
Fortification - Secures and your portals

*2 shirts total
*2 loot crates total

Pre-Order $110

Artifact Pet

Get your very own Digital Artifact Pet to greatly increase your chances of finding rare portals. Portals differ in rarity and are your key to the game. They can be shared with members from your faction. In the portals you’ll find: NPCs, quests, new additions to your card deck, and rare items. Life is a little easier with your metal buddy by your side.

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The Collector

This tier is meant for the true gamer who wants to cover all of his bases and get all 3 faction t-shirts.

Pre-Order $200
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Location Scout

Be more than just a player in the game. If you are a location scout we will give you the ability to map out areas in the real world to setup multiplayer engagements. Scout the area and make the call to initiate the battle! Wear your pin and be known as an Official Map Maker.

Pre-Order $250

Clan Leader

You’ll be able to create your own clans (teams) within your factions. As a clan leader you designate membership to your clan, and have your own clan hall to share your resources and keep your trophies. Your clan hall will be in full 100% Augmented reality. You can literally walk into your clan hall through a portal in the real world.

Pre-Order $500

Product Tester

Be the 1st to check out every new item we make! You can be a part of the Alpha / Beta testing and even be the 1st to see our latest designs before they’re released for the next season.

Limited Edition Autographed Blood of Cthulhu Poster, which is AR activated and has a portal to a secret section of the underwater city of R'Lyeh.

Boundary Guardian to protect the outskirts of your clan's territory. Keep them alive and they’ll let no one through!

Unique emerges bring your shirt to life when it gets activated. Everyone can see through AR that your shirt has a special graphic since you are an early supporter.

Pre-Order $1,000

Super Seeder

Be a game designer all season long! Have a monthly regenerating cache so you can keep changing our universe to tell the story that you've always dreamed of.

Work with our team to create your own items that will actually be in the game! Yes, of course you get to name the items you create.

Release your creative spirit and be apart of something that will live beyond our years.

Businesses: You can actually brand items you put in our Augmented Reality Universe.

3d Printed Artifact comes with exclusive AR experience

Pre-Order $2,500
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