Apollo AR Clock & Saturn V AR Metal Model
An augmented reality clock and lifelike metal model. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NASA Apollo 11 moon landing.

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Gravitation Innovation Inc. is a creative company focusing on spaceflight, robotics, and consumer electronics, with the ultimate goal of offering fantastic spaceflight-related products, to get more people to keep curious about spaceflight area.

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Apollo AR Clock

The clock is a standard, round wall clock. Instead of numbers for each hour, it utilizes logos from the various Apollo missions. The minute hand depicts the Saturn V rocket, and the hour hand takes the shape of the LC-39 launch tower that sent the rocket into space.

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Saturn V AR Metal Model

This unique Saturn V AR Metal model is made of durable, high-quality metal. Precisely created at a 1:300 ratio. Launch Saturn V on your phone with augmented reality technology. AR vividly shows the entire internal structure of Saturn V, you can experience the feat of the moon landing.

Pledge $109
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