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Starter Set

Receive BOTH the Percy and Treashell strategy decks! A retail value of $36! Both decks are competitive and balanced to play against one another in the competitive game mode, "Sharpen Your Sword".
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$69 7 claimed

Collector's Bundle

Up your deck building game with BOTH the Percy and Treashell strategy decks AS WELL AS the Truth Seeker Collectors Box! The Truth Seeker Collectors Box includes the following: 4 Faith power cards, 4 Hope power cards, 4 Love power cards, 4 Holy Spirit cards, 1 Prayer card, 1 Fasting card, 6 Truth Seeker Character cards, 6 Animo: Red Letter Day BOOSTER PACKS, 60 card sleeves, and box dividers to keep everything organized!
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$95 2 claimed

Truth Seeker's Bundle

The Truth Seeker's Bundle will get you both the Treashell and Percy Strategy Decks AS WELL AS the Red Letter Day Collectors Box, AND two - (Prayeragrine Themed) premium, non-skid neoprene play mats.

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$165 9 claimed

Truth Seeker's Elite ALL-IN BUNDLE!

Receive BOTH the Treashell and Percy Strategy Decks, 1 Truth Seeker's Deluxe Collectors Kit, 2 RLD neoprene play mats, 1 Booster Box (sealed w/ 24 RLD Booster Packs)- guaranteed to contain at least one of every card in the expansion (including all 24 Holo foil cards), ++Free Bonus++ Luminey miniature!!
Pledge Now $165
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