Mycroft Mark II: The Open Voice Assistant

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Stickers, exclusive documentation, webinars with the team. Join us in supporting an open and transparent world of ai!

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Mycroft Challenge Coin

SHIPS IMMEDIATELY! Are you a geek like us? Then back us to get your own Mycroft Challenge Coin! Oh yeah, we will load you up with stickers too!

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Mark II Dev Kit – DIY

Are you a hacker or maker that loves to put things together? Choose this reward and get the chance to build it yourself! This reward comes with the PCBs, LCD, speakers and necessary cables, but no housing. This reward will ships with documentation, CAD files for 3D printing, and an SD card fully loaded with everything you need!

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Mark II Camera

The first and only open source, privacy-focused, and fully customizable voice assistant. The camera will have a 1080p video with DSI Interface. Includes mechanical shutter to physically block the lens.

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Mark II 3-Pack

Want to enable your whole house, get a 3-pack and personalize your devices for your whole family. 

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