Double Dip Bars - The Best of Both

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Double Grip

Better than gloves. Double Grip is a new product that takes away all the problems you've experienced with holding on to any bar during your workouts. Made of antibacterial non rip polymer material, Double Grip makes every rep more comfortable and has many features you'll love.

  • Never get calluses again
  • Never slip because of sweaty hands or a slippery bar again
  • Never worry about nerve compression that makes your workout feel uncomfortable when holding on to a bar even with gloves
  • Double your grip time
  • Material shrinks and expands to fit all bars

More comfort, More reps, Better Workout

Get all the benefits of not using gloves, but still protecting your hands.

All for just $12.

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Double Dip(kickstarter price)

Double Dip- The Best of Both.

  • Is it a Dip Bar? Yes!

  • Is it a Parallette Bar? Yes!

  • Is it a Pushup Bar? Yes!

Double Dip has the ability to transform into a Dip Bar and a Parallette Bar with a push up bar feature. Its a powerful product that not only transforms itself, but also transforms your body weight workouts. You'll never be limited during a body weight workout again. Portable, beautiful, and strong. With Double Dip you'll have all the options to keep pushing your body weight workout past its limits anywhere.

Product Weight- 28 pounds
Product Height(Dip Bar setup)- 29 inches
Product Height(Parallete Bar setup)- 13 inches
Product Height(Push Up Bar setup)- 7 inches

*Double Dip will increase to $125 as soon as this temporary post Kickstarter pre-order page ends *

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Mega Double(Double Dip and Mega Bar)

You Get Double Dip and Mega Bar!

Double Dip is the best of both and Mega Bar is a product so great it is in its own category.Mega Bar does and provides it all, a pull up bar that transforms into a barbell capable of 350 pound weight loads, clips to lock in your plates, and included gymnastic rings are just a taste of its ability to give you access to all styles of resistance training at home.

Double Dip and Mega Bar combined eliminate every body-weight limitation you've ever had. This is the ultimate equipment package in calisthenics and all resistance training styles! With these two in your collection, you'll never need to buy anything else.

To see the Mega Bar in all its glory go to:

*Mega Bar and Double Dip combo deal at $219 will increase to $289 as soon as this temporary post Kickstarter pre-order page ends *

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