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Impact! Miniatures is seeking to add 5 new dice of unusual size with mass production of new dice for their dice chains! 

First up the D36-2D6

A D36 (results from 1 to 36) that also accurately shows the results of rolling 2 D6s as well (the pips above and below the D36 show the result of each D6).   The combination of being able to roll 3 dice with each roll allows you to create some interesting new fantasy tables for your RPGs.   One samples is shown below

Next we have a D21 (the super crit die)

The D21 (results from 1 to 21) extends the dice chain that Impact! offers with now all the numbers of sided dice from D3 to D21.  The D21 should make a fun element for a DM/GM.  If you feel that a player is playing very well or has important advantages for an upcoming D20 roll ... hand them the D21 to roll instead allowing them 2 chances to Crit a natural 20.

 Two new alphabet dice into the mix

The D26 Alphabet die with the entire alphabet on it was popular from the last KickStarter.  So for those creating/playing word games we added to complimentary dice to expand the options.   We split the D26 into a D5 and D21.    The D21 has all the consonants on it and the D5 has the five major vowels on it.

Finally we are adding a Fate die to the mix based on a human pulse!

Fate RPG systems are fun alternative systems.  This converts the +, +, -, -, 0, 0 into a human pulse going around the die.  See a pulse (+), flatline (-) and then 2 blank sides.

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