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This special is especially for all you Kickstarter backers. Take advantage of this sale price before they hit the retail stores! (Retail Value $149) For more than 1 quantity, please add the additional cost to your pledge: Qty 1 $129 Qty 2 $258 Qty 3 $387 Qty 4 $516 etc.
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Get an Umbre for you and your bestie and save $129! That's a buy one, get one for $20 only! You better hurry, because this offer is limited. (Retail Value $298). The Umbre Excursion Pack comes with the heavy-duty backpack, customized umbrella, 1 Liter hydration bladder and the hands-free bracket. This is for people who ordered the Double Deal on Kickstarter! You will receive 2 Umbre packs complete with all of the "fixings!"

Pledge $169
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