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Includes 1 Signed Pinck comic book and 1 Liefie comic book.

Pre-Order $17
$69 6 claimed


Includes: 1 Base Game of Wanted Earth

Pre-Order $69
$110 5 claimed

Hero Team

Includes: 1 Base Game with the following add-ons:

-Neoprene playmat with alternative map layout
-Dead Squirrel miniature and character card
-Signed Pinck comic book
-Liefie comic book
-Grappling Hook item card

*Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends
(see shipping section for more details)

Pre-Order $110

Super Hero

Includes: 2 Base Games

Pre-Order $129

Super Hero Team

Includes: 2 Base Games with the following add-ons:
-2 Neoprene playmats with alternative map layout
-2 Dead Squirrel miniatures and character cards
-2 Signed Pinck comic books
-2 Liefie comic books
-2 Grappling Hook item cards

Pre-Order $214
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