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Core Set - Final Pre-Orders

The beautiful core set with all KickStarter stretch rewards and unlocks! MCRTS has been continuously upgraded over the past two years to create a giant box of amazing components and gameplay. 3D cities with stack-able buildings, LED miniature bases for instant line of sight, 180 card unique team decks, beautiful extra large acrylic player cubes, energy gems, damage dishes, 40 weapon arms, support units and more all nestled in an expensive custom organizer.

Currently in the export process MCRTS is scheduled to start arriving at Amazon fulfillment centers in the US at the end of August. Only a few sets left of this limited first edition. (Only 1000 sets total)

Pre-Order $175
$249 5 out of 11 claimed

Cooperative Bundle, Final Pre-Orders

The cooperative bundle combines the limited edition Core Set & the cooperative expansion A.I. Unleashed + all applicable stretch rewards.Currently in the export process scheduled to start arriving at US Amazon centers at the end of August. One of the most unique solo / cooperative games of all time, AI Unleashed uses an innovative a.i. system that brings the Overmind's drones, turrets, mechs and the giant Behemoth alive over the course the campaign adventure.

Pre-Order $249
$325 18 out of 29 claimed

Everything Bundle - Final Sets

An Ultimate Bundle plus all new Add Ons. A massive 30 lb crate of revolutionary board gaming. One copy of every single product being produced at a large discount while supplies last.
The Core Set
AI Unleashed Cooperative Expansion, The Armory & 5-6 Player Expansion Bundle, Tactical Warfare Add On Pack, Advanced Recon Add On Pack
Mega Cities Extra Building Pack, Extra Behemoth Pack, Extra Weapon Arms Packs
($451 if purchased separately)

Pre-Order $325
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