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Thank you for your interest in Secufy! Missed our successful Kickstarter campaign?  
You can still order Secufy here on Crowdox which we are using as our pre-order platform.

Get your personal piece of mind with Secufy with unlimited data plan for only €99  (our future MSRP is €129).
Includes Secufy SOS Button * Unlimited Data Plan * Priority September 2019 Delivery * Up to 150 SMS alerts per year.

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Secufy Button

Secufy is a personal SOS button that calls for help in case of emergency. Each Secufy features an unlimited range and alerts up to three personal contacts with your location and crucial information, without the need for an app or station to connect to. It is a rapid assistance at the touch of a button. Incredibly reliable and secure.

As presented in our Kickstarter campaign, the first version is our Secufy SOS Button that puts a strong emphasis on the user´s privacy. The firmware of this small emergency button supports a localization of the device only when it is pressed by the user.

Alternatively, we will offer Secufy Track. Secufy Track will, in addition to the location trigger by the user, offer a remote functionality.

Through your account page at you will be able to trigger a location and receive the current location of the person, pet or asset that is carrying the button.

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