A 5th Edition supplement of monster encounters perfectly paired with memorable loot.

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Loot that Matters & Stories that Connect

As a dungeon master, the traditional approach to generating loot is tried and true… but could be so much better! You set up encounters, run the players against them, and then pop out the DM Guide to roll on loot tables. Sure, the randomness of the table-approach has always been a unique feature of the game but it can have us scratching our head ... if the monster had a wand of fireballs in their loot pile all along; then why the heck didn't they use it?!

At Wretches & Rewards, we’ve prefabbed an awesome series of mini-adventures that slot easily into your campaigns. Each adventure is designed to introduce very flavorful magic item(s) with rich connections and a backstory that is tied to the monster(s) that your heroes defeated.

Not only do these new magic items tie into the monsters’ backstories, but they also create unique encounters for your heroes. We are designing six adventures around a diverse set of magic items and their associated monsters. Our product is designed to be flexible: easily accessible to beginners and a unique spin on the status quo for veterans looking to try something new.   


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The Goblin's Sack

A digital PDF of all 6 modules! Print it to your heart's content and enjoy. Thank you for supporting us.
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The Wizard's Chest

- A printed version of the module.- A PDF of all maps in a printable format.
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The Dragon's Horde

Everything in the Wizard's Chest plus:Double-sided printed maps for each module.
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