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In addition to Biker Club's jackets, we offer this one of a kind hat. The Coverall Hat protects your head from the elements and transforms into a face mask and neck warmer for when you ride.

Quickly go from hat to face mask/neck warmer for superior protection from road debris. It also keeps your exposed neck insulated and warm.

It can be worn with any type of helmet, doesn't interfere with eye wear, doesn't squash your nose like a bandanna, and is designed to be comfortable and stable while covering the face.


Conventional hoods are impractical on a hog—they catch the wind, but with Biker Club's innovative drawstring and eyelet design your hood can be fixed in a collapsed position. This prevents wind from interfering while you ride.

Plus, conventional hoods are uncomfortable and impairing. When you tighten them they ride up on your face and cover your eyes. Not with Biker Club. Our innovative fastening mechanism keeps your hood tight and comfortably off your face. There's nothing else like it!

And if you don't want it. . . just detach it.


Why chill your nose and ears when you can easily cover them with Biker Club's built-in, multi-functional Face Panel. It protects your neck and face from road debris, bugs, and more, so no matter how you move your head your face is sheathed.

Fold it down around your collar and it fits very comfortably under a helmet, providing a seal to keep the cold out.

It's also detachable AND interchangeable! 

so you can wear the jacket with or without the face or mix it up with different graphic designs.


Built-in expansion panels in the shoulders and waist provide maximum range of motion and make for a very comfortable riding jacket. We've been told so by actual bikers.


Stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. The sleeves on our jackets are detachable, so remove them when you need more air to breathe or just to change up your look.

Interchange your sleeves, too. Want print, leather, armor, specialized pockets, or strategically placed impact gel inserts? Different sleeves can be purchased and attached to an existing jacket. (Designs in development will be introduced when available.)


Stop wearing jackets that make you sweat. Biker Club jackets have 2 vents in the back and 4 sleeve and 2 chest pockets that double as ventilation. Open the pockets and the pocket lining allows for airflow to reach your body. Open some or open all. It's your own personal climate control system.


Included on the jacket and lining, these tow-way zippers make for a comfortable and adjustable fit.


Tired of drawstrings whipping you in the face? Now you can secure them with four magnetic plates, 2 at the bust and 2 at the waist, to keep them from getting in the way.


Built-in sleeve cuffs act as finger-less gloves to protect your knuckles from road flung rocks and keep your hands insulated. The best part is they retract into the sleeve when not in use, providing a tight fit around the wrist to keep the cold air out.

When wearing gloves, the cuff makes a seal between the jacket and glove.


Never be without your personal belongings again. Biker Club jackets have 2 hand, 2 breast, 2 inside, and 4 sleeve pockets for a total of 10 pockets. 6 of which double as ventilation when opened.

That means room for your wallet, shades, phone, gloves, headphones, and more so you always have what you need.



Biker jackets that look as good as they function. Sport the denim, premium leather, or comfortable cotton and you'll always mean business. Add your colors for a more personal statement.



Rybak Riding Gear & Apparel began producing clothing and marketing it under the Biker Club Clothing label because many products geared towards the motorcycle industry were based on designs that are not necessarily derived from the rider's perspective. Other specialty applications followed. While designing clothing based on first hand experienced and needs not satisfied by conventional designs, we obtained a number of design patents, proving that our designs are truly innovative. 

We strive to make clothing that meets the need of our customers. regardless of what they ride, to help them feel comfortable on the road, as well as emphasize the fact that clothing must look great on and off the bike. We strive to do this in the most cost-effective way to avoid overpricing and making sure that the policies we develop are people and environmentally friendly. We also eventually plan to be making all the clothing in our home town of Brooklyn, NY, USA. 

Prior to distributing, all clothing we produce is tested by a team of seasoned riders in real, every day, use case scenarios. Only if the feedback is positive will we sale the item. We hope you find exactly what you are looking for. We are sure you will love it.


Last Call

Hey Biker,

We know you liked our product at some point and opted in to keep in touch with us. So we thought we'd let you know about the last opportunity to get in on this at product line launch price. We know these are not the best of times but we know better times are ahead. We plan to invite you to all the events we will organize in hopes that you will be able to participate. We are also hopeful that the current situation will soon improve and we will get to enjoy another great summer full of wide open roads and whatever else we enjoy. Its easy to practice social distancing when we ride, now you can look good too ;)

Wishing you well.

Rubber Down!

Rybak Riding Gear & Apparel

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Coverall Hat

Get the Coverall Hat for 20% OFF MSRP! 

CoverAll Hat is a biker essential. This was designed to comfortably cover your face from the road debris while you ride, to keep your neck covered in case it’s cold as well as look really cool as a hat. You may at one point or another have gotten on the road without either one or both so you don’t need anyone to tell you how valuable this can be. The best part is you will never have to look for it. if it’s not on your face it’s on your head.

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Dyneema Vest

Welcome to Biker Club. Start with our base vest and enjoy endless possibilities of comfort as you ride. You are able to add on everything we offer whenever you're ready for it.

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Moto Hoodie (The Rybak)

Get "The Rybak" fully armored Moto Hoodie at 11% OFF MSRP! It can be fully armored with the additional purchase of armor inserts ($39).

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Leather Vest

Welcome to Biker Club. Start with our base vest and enjoy endless possibilities of comfort as you ride. You will be able to add on everything we offer whenever you're ready for it. 

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Dyneema Denim Jacket

Get a Dyneema Denim Jacket with standard options (plain face panel, plain sleeves, armor not available) at 20% OFF MSRP!

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Leather Jacket

Get a Premium Leather Jacket with standard options (plain face panel, plain sleeves, armor not available) at 20% OFF MSRP! 

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