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Includes the Wild Assent core box, the Shadow of the Silvestrem expansion and all unlocked stretch goals. 

Wild Assent is a 1-4 player miniatures board game with player-versus-player and solo/cooperative modes. Battle your opponents in the gladiatorial arenas of the Silvestrem in Wild Assent’s skirmish-style Arena mode. Hunt the dangerous creatures of the Wilds, by yourself or with friends, fighting not just for survival, but to keep your expedition alive in the campaign-based Hunt mode.   

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Wild Assent Core Box

The core box of Wild Assent includes 30 highly-detailed miniatures, 15 custom dice, a double-sided game board and over 200 cards and punch-boards.  

Wild Assent: Shadow of the Silvestrem Expansion

Wild Assent’s Shadow of the Silvestrem expansion adds new Assents and Seekers for the players to field in both game modes as well as exciting new gameplay options to add to the variety provided by the core box.

It includes:

  •  3D terrain miniatures to replace all of the obstacle tokens for both game modes (excluding the Pits).
  •  A new type of Gladiator in the Arena mode: Mercenaries. Mercenaries are treated like Creatures, but they are more traditional humanoid Gladiators and move as squads of three. 
  •  Drusus, Champion of the Silvestrem, who can be a player character in either the Arena or on the Hunt. Drusus is not an Assent; his Arena troupe must consist of only Mercenaries. 
  •  Vareclea, the owner of the Silvestremherself, Wild Assent’s first playable summoner and three of her vile Torments. 
  •  Boss fights. Players can join together to take down the Fire Lord, Twin Dragon, Drusus or Vareclea in these new cooperative Arena and Hunt mode brawls.
  •  A solo prologue for the core game’s story-based campaign, showing how Zaxos, Fani, Illithena and Berlyne met and became Seekers.
Stretch Goals Box

Includes all the Stretch Goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign, including 15 miniatures and a host of cards and punchboards.

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