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Unsettled® Framework + All 6 Planets + FREE Art Print Set

Welcome explorer. Congratulations on your continued survival. Good luck with that. 

Bundle includes the Unsettled Framework, all six planets (Wenora, Grakkis, Zehronn, Yendraal, Strannos, and Kaelyfos), and a beautiful set of art prints. 

This bundle is discounted for limited time because that's what pre-ordering deserves.

MSRP: $165

(Will to survive not included, that must be found within yourself.)

PREORDER | Unsettled®: Framework, Planets 001-006, Art Prints

This bundle includes:

  • Unsettled® Framework
  • Planet 001 Wenora
  • Planet 002 Grakkis
  • Planet 003 Zehronn
  • Planet 004 Yendraal 
  • Planet 005 Strannos
  • Planet 006 Kaelyfos 
  • Art Print set (FREE)
  • Additional Pre-Order Discount: $16

MSRP: $165

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