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Your choice of two U CAN LIFT IT trash cans. Be the first to grab a U Can Lift It and also our exclusive fan promo gear! You will receive 2 trash cans, 1 inspirational T-Shirt with a message of Remember U CAN, Our exclusive wrist band and a thank you card! *

2 (Early Bird) U Can Lift It Trash Cans

New industry collapsible wastebasket technology that uses new Lift based Suction. This technology uses suction to remove air pockets and creates a secure bag liner. This wastebasket is collapsible in which the top lowers and the bag is halfway out of the basket ready for bag removal eliminating tears and rips. This wastebasket uses a 13 to 21 Gallon trash bag liner. 

Remember U Can T-Shirt

Motivational "Remember U Can" T-Shirt. S to XXL sizes. Support us and get your Promotional Gear wear and give a positive reminder that pushes people to give their maximum effort always. Additional wristband to match the t-shirt.

Thank You Card From the U Can Family

Thank you card from the creator and the U Can family. Remember U CAN and we appreciate your support!

#RememberUcan Wristband

Our exclusive #RememberUcan wristband for an inspirational reminder and a way to show support with your everyday apparel. 

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