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Everything in this Kickstarter for New Backers!

  • Champion
  • To the Barricades!
  • 6 packs of 500 Premium Sleeves
  • Epic Thunderstone Add-On for Champion
  • Neoprene Playmat
To the Barricades!

The new content for this Kickstarter for players who already own Thunderstone Quest.

Requires Thunderstone Quest base game (Champion or Adventurer Reward from the 1st Kickstarter).

* Barricades Mode: all components required for Solo & CoOp play
* Quest 6: What Lies Beneath (approx. 245 cards + dungeon tiles)
* Epic Thunderstone Support for Quest 6 and Stretch Goals
* Stretch Goals for this Campaign

Epic Thunderstone Add-on for Champion

A special set of over 200 cards that supports Epic-style play of Thunderstone Quest for the Champion and Champion + Barricades! Reward. If you backed the first Kickstarter and are backing this Kickstarter at the To the Barricades! level you can also order this Add-on.

The purpose of this Add-On is purely convenience. There is no content in the Epic Add-On that isn't already in the Champion Reward.

All new content (including Stretch Goals) in this campaign will be Epic-compatible and will have Epic support automatically included.

Epic Thunderstone is a popular way to play created by players of Classic Thunderstone. In Epic Thunderstone you build a Village and a Dungeon draw pile using one of each of all your cards instead of playing with a pre-selected tableau. It's a way to see and use more of your card collection. Every game will be different.

Rules for Epic Thunderstone are included in the main rulebook.

This Add-On is a pre-built Epic Thunderstone deck ready for play. You won't have to subtract cards from your main play set to play Epic Thunderstone.

You'll need a full copy of Thunderstone Quest to play the Epic variant since there are cards, boards, tokens and other resources in the main game that are required to play Epic Thunderstone.

This Add-on ships in a plain white tuckbox which is designed to be recycled. Store the Epic cards in your main game box. Illustration does not represent actual shipping packaging.

Neoprene Playmat

This is one of the most requested upgrades from the community and we're proud to announce that we'll be able to make Neoprene Playmats available as a part of this Kickstarter!

We've also heard the suggestions that the size of the Village board is larger than some groups prefer, and this Playmat also addresses that concern.

The Playmat will be sized so that it can fit within the To the Barricades box for this Kickstarter, rolled up. The length will be between 295 and 300 mm. The width is still undetermined; the graphics team will be redesigning the Village layout to accommodate the new size after the Kickstarter but the total will be smaller than the current Village board.

Champion Reward

This package is identical to the Champion Reward from the 1st Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter and includes all Stretch Goals from that Kickstarter.

DOES NOT INCLUDE Barricades Mode or Quest 6: What Lies Beneath.
DOES NOT INCLUDE Stretch Goals from the 2nd Kickstarter (Back to the Dungeon)

* All base game components
* Quest 1: A Mirror in the Dark
* Quest 2: Total Eclipse of the Sun (KSE)
* Quest 3: Risen from the Mire
* Quest 4: At the Foundations of the World
* Quest 5: Ripples in Time
* All Kickstarter Exclusive content Thunderstone Quest 1st KS

6 500 AEG Premium Sleeves

1 pack of 500 Premium Sleeves. These Sleeves use the same plastic we used in the Mystic Vale sleeves.

The Sleeves are 66x91mm, 0.09mm thick (0.09mm = 90µ (or "microns" = 3.54 "mils")) and will fit Thunderstone Quest cards and cards that are the same size as Magic: The Gathering cards.

To sleeve every playable card in the Champion Reward and the Epic Add-On you would need 4 packs (2,000 Sleeves).

You will need 1 more pack to sleeve the new content in To the Barricades! and Champion + Barricades!.

To ensure you have enough Sleeves and to replace any that are torn or damaged, we recommend 6 total packs for the Champion + Barricades Rewards.

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