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World's Lightest | Reusable up to 5 times | ≥ 99% Superior Filtration l PM0.075 Efficient protection

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Family Pack | 24 Hour Special
4 Packs x DI Nano Mask25% off est. Retail Value of US$240SAVE US$60 off the future retail price!● 5-Layers Mask (Nano Filter)● Reusable (Up to 5 Times)● Unparalleled Filtration Efficiency ● Highly Breathable● PM0.075 ≧99%● Nelson labs-tested● PM0.075 ≧99% ● BFE ≧99% ● PFE ≧99%. ● VFE ≧99%Innovated by Dicarre LLC, New JerseyMade in Hong Kong / Taiwan
4 Di Nano Mask (Each pack contains 30pcs, Multicolor, Individual bag)s

Di Nano masks use physical filtration, based on the nonporous structure of the membrane as the barrier, to filter 99.9% of particulate matters of aerodynamic diameter as low as 0.075μm, and to effectively block 95% of oil particles. 

Ucheenano membrane is furthermore waterproof, air permeable, oil resistant, and more, providing effectively better defense.

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