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One copy of The Long Road and all the stretch goals that we unlock. 

The Long Road

This is 1985. This is World War III. But this is not your typical World War III.

"World War III... with a twist? In short, it's a World War III-themed boardgame with paranormal elements.   

Based on the fiction that I created in my Dark War novels: Revelation and Retribution, and expanded in the Dark War RPG and Skirmish Game, The Long Road depicts a Third World War sparked not by conflicting ideologies, but rather the back-stage maneuvering of paranormal entities with their own set of agendas. Agendas that are fleshed out in the game's 16 scenarios.

The Long Road Mouse Pad

Neoprene Mouse Pad

The Long Road Action Cards

9 KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE Action Cards, such as Courage, Extra Ammunition, and Reinforcements, to name but a few.

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