Sweet Mess
Baking Competition Board Game

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Sweet Mess World Champion

1x copy of Sweet Mess
Ice Cream Pack - Exclusive!
Christmas Gifts & Goodies Expansion
Halloween Trick or Treats Expansion
The Judges Table Expansion
Pastry Bench Playmat
Premium Metal Coins
Sweet Granny/Grandpa Chef
Cater Challenge Expansion: 5th Player & Co-op by Jonathan Gilmour
- Exclusive! *Cater Challenge ships later
All Baked Goals & Premiums

Sweet Mess

Additional copy of Sweet Mess with associated Stretch Goals.

Sweet Mess Metal Coins

Replace Sweet Mess' Baking Point Tokens with these color enameled and concaved metal coins. Quantity: 36

Christmas Gifts & Goodies Expansion

A delicious and festive expansion that adds your favorite holiday desserts with new gameplay!

Halloween Trick or Treats Expansion

A spooky fun expansion that includes scary good holiday desserts and new gameplay!

The Judges Table Expansion

Can you impress the Sweet Mess Judges? This expansion adds new gameplay that will have you vying to score additional Cooking Points by completing special goals and recipe sets.

Sweet Mess Playmat

Keep the mess organized! Enhance your gameplay experience and Sweet Mess' table presence with this quality neoprene playmat.

Cater Challenge 5th Player & Co-op Expansion

Can you and the other chefs take on the ultimate challenge? Cater Challenge! Complete all the orders as you work together to cater tasty desserts.

Includes 5th player and co-op components.

Ice Cream Pack

What's a good hot baked dessert without some sweet cold ice cream? This exclusive pack includes ice cream recipes and new gameplay!

Sweet Granny/Grandpa Chef

No one cooks hot apple pie like sweet granny/grandpa!
*Promo Chef Tile and Chef Ability Cards

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